What is in the air you breathe?

In the late 1970’s the country experienced a severe energy crises dew to OPEC cutting supply of crude oil. This led to gas shortages and outrageously high prices in electricity production and the need to conserve energy in every area possible.

For this reason homeowners and builders sought better insulation to prevent heat loss and to keep cool air from escaping. What was not taken into consideration at the time was the effect this would have on the indoor quality of the air we breathe.

vents and duct cleaning

Most people are not even aware that on average, indoor air contains four times the amount of pollutants as fresh outdoor air. There are several contributing factors to explain this unhealthy occurrence and fortunately there are ways to significantly reduce this problem.

First, most structures and homes now use central heating and air conditioning units that recirculate the air inside, this saves money but it allows the continual build up of dangerous pollutants. Very little new air comes into the system to help flush out contaminants.

We all know the importance of air filters but this alone is not enough. The materials used in home furnishings, the chemicals in the products we use, Mold Spores and Mildew, all emit dangerous particulates causing Allergies, Asthma and, a host of respiratory illnesses. We spend most of our lives indoors and we should be cognitive about the quality of air we breathe.

Vacuuming more often and opening the windows on nice days are, some things you can do to help lower these levels but there is one area that is often overlooked and it has a profound effect on the quality of air.

The Vents and Duct work that runs throughout a home is the perfect unseen hiding place where these pollutants accumulate. You can find the most dirtiest places in your home for clean it properly.

The importance of inspecting and keeping clean these conduits of our air cannot be over emphasized. The average homeowner might not have the equipment or the know-how to take on this project so, it is good to know there are professional services who specialize in this field.

It is hard to put a price on safeguarding our health so, this is one area we should not cut corners but see that it is done properly. Without clean Duct Work and Vents it is impossible to have healthy air. It really is just that important but, incredible, often neglected.

A professional technician can also help to locate and eliminate source emissions. They can offer carbon monoxide monitoring equipment and, state of the art ultra violet light technology’s that kill germs and bacteria. In short, their service can insure the quality of the air we breathe is healthy and safe.

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