Tips for decorating with colors

The color is present in each of the rooms of a house, to a greater or lesser extent, and in each room can vary the chosen combinations, the number of colors, and is the color that you can get different effects in a space.

decorating with colors

For the decoration of houses and any interior, the colors become an important element, the influence on the design of each space and the people who inhabit it. The color choices will directly influence our mood; therefore, knowing tricks for decorating our house with colors, we can make the most of their abilities.

  • A general concept indicates that the ranges of colors are ideal for creating clear sense of spaciousness, and bring more light to an inner, since light colors allow light to reflect on them, expanding it to the rest of a stay.
  • Meanwhile the dark colors, have the opposite effect in home decorating, since it absorb light, creating cozy and intimate environments, and also give a visual effect of shrinking the space.

The colors offer several possibilities for creating different effects on how we appreciate the dimensions of a space.

  • So that light colors as well as help increase the brightness of an environment, also have the particularity to transmit the optical effect of away from the elements. While dark colors gets visually closer objects.

Some decorative resources to create that feeling of expand or decrease the spaciousness of a room, apply the painting of ceilings and walls, through the use of colors.

  • For example, when a room has very low ceilings, a trick to decorate is to paint the walls with a darker color, and the ceiling in a lighter.
  • In the case of search visually subtract a ceiling height, since it is well-high ceilings, decorative trick consists of, choose dark colors for the ceiling, so it will transmit us the feeling of approaching or get close, getting it look lower.

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