Simple Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Unique

Do you often find yourself looking at other people’s bathrooms and wondering how they made it so fabulous? You are not alone. Many people find it difficult to bring their personality into this vital space. But it needn’t be a difficult task.

There are lots of ways you can inject your bathroom with some creativity, regardless of how big it is. I’ve found some great ideas to inspire you to make your bathroom truly unique.

bathroom more unique

There are no rules to what colours are suitable for a bathroom. You don’t necessarily have to stick to a boring white colour scheme. Colour can completely alter the mood of a room and can be used in a big or small way.

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Choose a bold colour and create an accent wall. Accent walls are a perfect way to experiment and add a focus to a room. If you have quite a simple bathroom design why not incorporate a stand out wallpaper on one of the walls?

If you aren’t as confident with colour why not try flashes instead. You can do this by buying a fun patterned shower curtain or placing coloured glass ornaments by your sink.

Another way of being bold in your bathroom by adding art. Think large oversized canvases. Just make sure your art compliments your colour and feel of the room.

If canvases aren’t your thing, try a large mirror instead. If you don’t have the wall space for huge art pieces, try clustering smaller pieces together to create a similar effect.

The fixtures in your bathroom as essential, but can also be unique. Why not upgrade your shower by using vintage style fittings? Or install an antique basin for your sink.

These don’t have to be expensive. You can find lots of interesting bathroom fixtures and fittings at antique fairs. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Your bathroom floor may have seen better days, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be unique too. Instead of using traditional bath mats, why not try layering rugs instead.

These can compliment or clash, depending on your taste. It will add some luxury to your bathroom, particularly if you use differing textures. If you like a tiled bathroom floor, you can make it more eye-catching by using tiles that don’t necessarily match. You can make this as over the top or simple as you wish. You can also used microcement in your bathroom surface for modern style decoration.

Who said an armchair can’t go in a bathroom? You can make a bathroom feel cosy by bringing in soft furnishing you commonly use in living rooms and bedrooms.

A modern looking armchair will make your bathroom seem more glamorous and offer an additional surface. Try to choose one that won’t get damaged when wet. A chaise longue is another great idea.

Add some interesting surfaces by introducing small tables to your bathroom. Again you can have these in a simple or clashing colour scheme. These will be ideal if you want to display ornaments, candles or vases. They are also functional, as you can use them to keep your phone or belongings dry when you’re in the bath.

Hopefully by now you should be full of inspiration and creative ideas. The key to creating a unique bathroom is making it personal. Always make sure it is functional and suits your needs and style.