How to save money by choosing the appropriate heating

In the winter months, our energy consumption soars, at the same time our heart rate, every time we get electricity bill or gas. We all know that the cold weather is almost impossible not to use any heating system, but in most cases not know which system is suitable for home, and ultimately ended up paying dearly.

choosing appropriate heating

A home heated in winter represents half of the energy cost of all the homes, so that today, in a thousand ideas, we are going to provide basic knowledge that you are sure to be of great use when choosing the heating that more it suits your circumstances and your pockets. Let’s see.

When it comes to heat a home, we must take into account several factors, such as the area in which the dwelling is located, the number of people who live there or how long it is inhabited. And as always, the big question that comes to mind is whether to use gas or electricity.

As well, recommended that the dwellings located in cold areas, must have a supply of gas channeled, to be able to install a condensing boiler. This is the best heating system and the more we will save money.

But if the house does not have a gas channeled, we have the following options:

  • If the housing is less than 100m2 and lies in a temperate zone, simply install a heating support, such as a few electric radiators or convectors. The most demanded radiators are aluminium as transmit heat faster than iron, therefore, stay heats before and have a lower consumption. This system is perfect for rooms with low energy consumption, ideal for people who spend little time at home.
  • If the house has less than 100m2 and living in a cold area, the best option is to install an electric storage system for heating and, if possible, with hourly rate discrimination.
  • If it is a large detached house and lies in a temperate zone, the ideal is to install a propane combi boiler with corresponding radiators. Another option would be to install an electric convector system.
  • If large detached house lies in a cold area, the best option is to install an electric heat pump, this choice also is perfect for the summer months and also serving for air conditioning.
  • If on the other hand, housing is used as a second home or an apartment that needs specific heat in certain rooms, we can use the fireplaces of the whole life, or better yet, use pellet stoves, in addition to caring for the environment method is a quite interesting savings.

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