Custom Furniture for Small Spaces

We continue sharing ideas for small spaces, this time focusing on decorating the private room of any contemporary house, we refer to the bedroom. For this opportunity with a proposal aimed at custom furniture this atmosphere of home.

custom furniture

The custom furniture’s are a perfect bet for stays that have a reduced or limited surface. That is, when the square meters of interior are not large and generous, a good alternative is to introduce pieces of furniture that fit like a glove to each stay.

In this bedroom of modern appearance, has joined an accurate solution that maximizes every inch of the walls. Well, rather than implemented as auxiliary furniture conventional night tables, instead, some shelves were installed.

Some flown shelves along the walls beside the bed, this idea can create an area of comfortable and practical support, which also fits the available space.

Some shelves in the header area, provide a generous space of saved, also on them can support ornaments and accessories to decorate the room.

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The white walls and shelves in the same tone, add brightness and clarity to the environment, other suitable trick for decorating small spaces.

While with colorful decorative accessories, like a picture that crowns the wall that lodges the bed, multicolor design blanket, or objects that were placed on the shelf, it is possible to energize and add vitality to the interior.

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