How to clean your washing machine

If an appliance is the king of the house, along with the fridge, that’s the washing machine. In a short time and without much effort let’s clean our clothes, but requires a simple maintenance mode to remove all traces of dirt, which do not absorb the pipes.

clean washing machine

To return our washing machine to its original state we can keep an easy routine cleaning in just three steps will make it shine. We recommend that, every three months you carry out a wash cycle with hot water without any detergent. In the box of detergent, take two glasses of vinegar and let the washing machine to finish the cycle. In this way you will eliminate the bacteria that may have formed inside the washer.

For best results you should perform a second step of mixing a liter of warm water with a glass of vinegar and, using a sponge and tooth brush, clean the entry areas of detergent and softener. If your washing machine allows it, makes it much easier to remove the detergent box and put it to soak in hot water and vinegar.

Keep in mind that where more dirt builds up is the entrance area of the detergent and fabric softener, together with the rubber door.

Finally, program a new wash cycle only with warm water to rinse the entire interior of the washer. You will see how it looks in perfect condition.

To remove the rust that usually create in the rubber door, a splash of bleach dissolves in water, wipe it, then wipe with another cloth to remove the bleach and finally dry it to prevent it from being wet.

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