Four reasons why artificial grass is the best

Astroturf or artificial grass is increasingly being found in gardens and homes around the world. What started off as a solution for sports training pitches and indoor arenas has slowly but surely caught the imagination of the public. But why is fake grass such a success? What is it about the solution that has seen it replacing real grass at such a rapid rate in urban areas? The reality is that there are many reasons why Astroturf is better than normal grass. Here are a some of them.

artificial grass

Weekend freedom

For so many home owners the weekend is the time when you stop working at the office and you work instead at the house. It is when chores like mowing the lawn need to be done. But, if you have shown some foresight and done your research, starting online with a search for something like, ‘artificial grass Melbourne‘ would have been the perfect place to begin, then suddenly your weekend is free of chores like mowing and weeding. What you chose to do with time available to you is up to you, but weekend’s away, bigger projects or time with the family are all suddenly possible now that maintaining the lawn is no longer necessary.


Aside from always needing to be mowed there are a lot of other disadvantages with lawn, it needs to be fertilized and weeded for instance. And then there are things like moles and dogs who are great at digging and burrowing and who always seem to take a shine to your best patch of lawn to do it. When properly laid, artificial grass will put an end to any of these troubles. You will have a consistent green patch that looks good no matter the time of year or the attention that you are able to offer it.


We are living in a time when water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Major cities are imposing water restrictions and experts have even predicted that when the next World War comes that it will be fought over water. So watering grass seems like a major luxury when there are people who don’t have enough water to drink. So lay your artificial surface and never have to worry about sprinklers again.

Dust free home

Anyone who has ever lived in a house of their own will tell you that dust can be a major issue. And specifically, dust that is generated from the garden. It almost goes without saying that the dust which enters most houses comes in from the outside. At mowing time for instance or when the dog has been digging. Or just when it is dry and windy. A house with an artificial grass garden is immune to this. There will be a few days while the turf is being installed when it will be sandy and dusty, but thereafter you are home free. Come rain, wind or shine, the levels of dust in the house will be lower than they used to be. Enjoy it!