How To Have A Lawn You Are Proud Of – Use Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

Automatic sprinklers have improved with the development of digital systems; now you can keep your lawn looking great, help the environment by conserving water, save time, and save money on your energy costs. Today’s programming systems allow for easy adjustments for more or less water as the weather changes. They even have an automatic rain sensor that shuts off to avoid double watering during a rainstorm.

beautiful lawn

What hasn’t changed in the field of lawn care is the best time for watering, which is usually in the early morning before 10:00 a.m. Watering in the early morning allows the grass and plants to absorb moisture before the afternoon sun causes it to evaporate and cause scorch. Try to avoid late evening watering as well, because water has a tendency to pool on the grass rather than soak into the lawn. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mold and other plant diseases.

Keeping a beautiful lawn requires sprinklers to work properly, distributing water evenly across the lawn’s perimeter, and avoiding walkways and planting areas that require less water. A professional lawn care company will plan your automatic sprinkler system according to a number of variables such as inclines and declines, and exposure to sun and shade. The basic sprinkler types include a fixed spray for a fan like delivery, which works well for small areas and ground covers, the pop-up spray sprinkler which works well for higher ground coverage and taller shrubs and the third style is the flood bubbler, which soaks the soil and works well for trees, and shrubs.

Professional lawn care companies, when designing an automatic sprinkler system, will also take soil type into account. For example, heavy clay soils hold on to water, requiring less frequent watering, compared to sandy soils, which need water more often, especially if the surrounding plants are not drought tolerant. It’s always a good idea to consult a professional lawn care company before making any final decisions. They’re experts in the field, with experience and knowledge of new developments in the industry, and they can ensure the best fit for the lawn and your budget.

The advantages of installing an automatic sprinkler are the convenience of programming a self-regulating watering schedule and ensuring the entire lawn area receives the right amount of water needed to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn. A good sprinkler plan and system will eliminate wasted water and the need to drag the hose around or spend hours watering, only to miss an area or overwater another.