Distribution of furniture in the living room

The rooms in a home, are one of the most public areas, and occasionally, this space is used for heterogeneous activities can even function as a hall or lobby. Regarding the distribution of furniture in a room or living area, there are some principles to consider, for the decoration of the Hall and to make it functional and comfortable.

furniture in living room

One of the first issues to be defined, with regard to the distribution of furniture in the living room, has to do with what will be the circulations, to doors, which will be windows or into other rooms.

These circulations must remain free, that is to say, to be conveniently ignore them because, for nothing practical it would be fit a piece of furniture or a decorative complement in a place of transit.

It is always be appropriate to allow a reasonable space between each seat, as well as between the seats and coffee table. We would have to leave the space between each piece of furniture will be enough so that people can stand, sit, as well as move comfortably through the living room.

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The coffee table is sometimes not so, as many prefer to replace them with other furniture, such as an ottoman. One of the functions this piece is to serve as a reference for the location of the seats, then around it, is that armchairs, sofas or chairs will be arranged.

For the distribution of the living room furniture will have to consider the views offered by the stay. For a room that has windows or doors that visually communicate this space with outdoor areas such as a patio or garden, is a wise decision to arrange the seats so that it is possible to appreciate from in the living room environment

Finally, in small spaces, for a space through which people can move comfortably, it may be necessary to avoid the furniture of great size. Light pieces, simple lines are a convenient choice when it comes to a few square meters room.