6 Simple Ways to Save on Moving

If you’re not adequately prepared, moving can be quite expensive. However, this expense usually occurs when folks don’t really prepare for their move or take advantage of the options that are out there. Whether you’re just frugal or you have a very limited budget to get from your old place to your new place, there are many ways you can save and make it more affordable. Here are XX simple ways to save on moving, no matter if you’re moving across town or across the country.

save on moving

1. Plan ahead

Sometimes your move may come suddenly, and costs usually arise when you’re making last-minute plans. However, if you have time to plan your move, do so. Being able to plan ahead will allow you to schedule movers, if necessary, and make all your other arrangements with plenty of notice. This reduces the chance of being charged rush fees or having to choose a more expensive option because the lesser expensive option was not available. For instance, being able to plan ahead and do research on a Santa Monica moving company will allow you to find the one that best meets your budget instead of simply choosing the one that is available during your time frame.

2. Shop around

When you have time, you have the ability to shop around and find those places that fit within your budget. For instance, shopping around allows you to compare costs and get multiple quotes, whether you’re looking for movers, a storage facility, or renting a truck. If you are able to, be sure to shop around and get at least three quotes from three different places. This will allow you to comparison shop. Plus, in some cases, it may even allow you to negotiate with the other companies to get an even better rate—and that’s always a plus!

3. Find free boxes

Moving typically requires you to put all your belongings into boxes, and boxes bought new can be very expensive. However, you can save money on moving by finding free boxes instead of buying them new. How?

  • Ask your local stores if they can have their boxes after they receive a shipment
  • Go dumpster diving at big box retailers and take the boxes they received during their shipments
  • Ask neighbors, friends, or family members to save boxes they get so you can use them to move.

Doing all of these things will allow you to gather plenty of boxes for free so you can save money on your move.

4. Pack appropriately

Another way to save on moving is to pack appropriately. For instance, maybe you don’t need as many boxes as you think you do. That’s because you should be using the resources you have available to you. For instance, be sure to use your luggage, hampers, and baskets as transports for your belongings. Doing so gives these items another purpose and allows you to use less boxes.

5. Ask for help

Sometimes moving is expensive if you try to do everything yourself. Not only can it add up in cost, but it can also take up most of your time, and this can be exhausting. If possible, ask other people to help you during your move. Maybe a group of friends can help you pack up your stuff, so you don’t need to take time off work to get it done. Or maybe you can have friends with a pickup truck haul some of your items for you, so you don’t have to rent two moving trucks to get to your new place. Think about the time and money you’ll spend, and then ask for the necessary help that could let you save money.

6. Move at the right time

While most people don’t’ want to move in the middle of winter, it could actually be more affordable to do so. If you try to move during peak seasons, you’ll find that it’s hard to find the appropriate help or get the best rates. However, if you move during a time when most people aren’t looking for movers, such as in the middle of winter, you’ll find it’s easier to get a good rate and get people to work on your schedule.

Moving can be a bigger expense than you were planning on, but that doesn’t mean you need to put your entire life savings into it to get it done. If you’re looking to move and do so without much of a cost, use these tips to help you.