What to do if your house is flooded

This is a very common problem in homes. We went on vacation and upon returning home we found a damp on the ceiling or any of the walls or one or more of the rooms in the house flooded.

house flooded

If you have home insurance, you first have to make a report to the insurance company so that an expert analyze the origin of the damage and quantify them and thus be able to claim to the cause of the flood.

If flooding is due to our oversight, such as leaving a open tap, logically there will be no cause to complain to and will only have to check the contents of the policy of home insurance to see if have some sort of coverage for damage on the housing. What it will probably be included in the coverage of the insurance policy is the liability for damages that have been caused to a neighbor.

Now, if flood in our home is a consequence of a breakdown of the neighbor, or a general building downspout, it is likely that our home insurance includes the claim that damage to the neighbor or the community, as appropriate, so it is very important that the expert go to our home as soon as possible and issue a report specifying what the origin and who is responsible for the damage and the amount thereof. This report will serve as a basis for claim to the company of the deceased, if you have insurance and otherwise to the cause directly.

It is very important that when the expert goes to our home values:

  • Damage to the home itself, for example raised floors, tiled shed, etc.
  • The furniture, appliances and household goods, e.g. carpets, wooden furniture, computers… have to see if they are liable to repair or its value must be compensated by the deceased if it is not possible to return to the condition in which they were before the flood.

What to do if we do not have home insurance?
In that case we can go directly to the neighbor or the community to be sure if they have insurance and go their experts, and if not they should respond directly. The claim should be initiated with acknowledgment and ideally certificate text is written by a lawyer and served prior to litigation in the event that it does not produce the desired effect.