What is aerothermal energy? Advantage and Disadvantage of an aerothermal system

Aerothermal is considered as the air conditioning system of the future. A state-of-the-art heat pump system that is designed to cool our home in summer and heat it in the winter months. Here we show you all its advantages and also some drawbacks.

What is aerothermal energy?

Aerothermal energy or aerothermy is an air conditioning system that allows obtaining energy from the air and thus meeting the needs of cooling, heating and sanitary water. It is a novel technology that has been on the market for about 10 years.


It consists of a heat pump taking advantage of the heat energy of the surrounding air. By using renewable energy (air and water) for the production of cooling, heating and domestic hot water makes it the future air conditioning system.

The aerothermal heat pump works in a similar way to an air conditioner but with one big difference: its efficiency is so high that it is considered clean and highly efficient energy.

Aerothermy: Respect for the environment

Aerothermal energy is an air conditioning system that is absolutely respectful of the environment as it helps to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by not using fuel. Its operation is safe for both users and the environment. Neither is it introduces any dangerous component into homes.

Advantage of an aerothermal system

advantage of aerothermal system

Savings in consumption

One of the most appreciated advantages of aerothermal energy is the savings compared to other air conditioning technologies. This aerothermal system has a very low consumption. This technique extracts energy from the air and the only electrical consumption required is to run the compressor motor, which for every kWh used, can generate 3kWh of heat energy.

This aerothermal system has become the energy of the future by replacing natural gas and other combustion heating systems. Offers greater savings to users.

Greater comfort to users

Al aerothermal offers users greater comfort in their home. Basically it is about reaching the ideal temperature at each time of the year and maintaining it. It is not necessary to constantly switch the aerothermal heat pump on and off as is usually done with an air conditioner or boiler. The heat pump will maintain the correct temperature without differences throughout the day. Being its consumption lower than other air conditioning systems.

Modular thermostats are highly recommended, they are devices capable of calculating the difference between the appropriate temperature and the real one. In this way, the heat pump works by providing the appropriate temperature inside the home. Once the comfort temperature is reached, it will work with very little consumption.

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One air conditioning system for everything

The aerothermal air conditioning system allows you to cool and heat the house as well as providing it with hot water, all with a single system.

If you also opt for a radiant/refreshing floor, obtain all the services with a single generator (heat pump) and a single emitter system (SRR). This system is safer, reduces the possibility of breakdowns, and less expensive by having only one system.

Hybrid Systems

It is not necessary to detach from the boiler if it works perfectly, since one of the advantages of aerothermal energy is that it can be combined with other energies creating hybrid systems. You can install an aerothermal heat pump for the air conditioning of the house and let the boiler take care of the customer water.

This aerothermal system requires hardly any works for its installation and hardly needs maintenance.

The future of air conditioning will be realized with aerothermal facilities powered by photovoltaic panels. In this way, a self-consumption life system will be achieved thanks to the sun energy.

Aerothermal heating is available through: air equipment (ducts, Split), 55º or 60º radiators, underfloor heating and radiant ceiling. The same equipment can also supply air conditioning and domestic hot water.

Disadvantages of aerothermal

This air conditioning system requires an outdoor unit so it can generate an aesthetic and space problem. Aerothermal heat pumps need an indoor and outdoor location.

Initial investment is quite high compared to other air conditioning systems. However, in the long run it is profitable because of the savings in its consumption.

The installation of this system will generate an increase in the contracted power of electricity.

It is not recommended in very cold areas as its performance is lower.

It is also not recommended in homes of less than 90 square meters because it is not profitable. The size of the houses directly influences the power required in the aerothermal heat pump.

What did you think of aerothermy? It is an interesting alternative to take into account when choosing air conditioning for the home. It is a compact system, very reliable, safe and with very simple maintenance.