5 tricks to lower the temperature at home without air conditioning

In just a few days, summer will officially enter. However, the heat takes weeks installed in the environment and in the houses. Therefore, below is a brief review of the simplest tricks with which to lower the temperature of the home.

And no, you do not need to buy air conditioning or homemade to achieve it. How? The strategies range from knowing how to handle the blinds and appliances to using light colors and cooling the sheets in the fridge!

lower home temperature

Trick 1: Windows and blinds: Open or Closed?

If you do not have an air conditioner or you want to moderate its use so that the electricity bill does not rise, there are some tricks to keep the house cool.

A first step is to know when the windows should be opened and when it is preferable to leave them closed. Despite the simplicity of the maneuver, not all hours are good. When the sun goes down, temperatures begin to fall. And this is, therefore, the moment to open the windows. Similarly, this will also be the right time to start raising the blinds and draw the curtains.

This formula can be maintained throughout the night and the first hours of the morning. Starting at eight o’clock in the morning, if temperatures are already above 20°C, it is interesting to start closing the home. With this simple gesture, the room will have been aerated (no more than five minutes are required) and hot air will not enter. If you have sash windows then it will help you also to maintain your house temperature with using its vertical slides. Sash window restoration and maintenance also easy from other traditional windows.

Of course, it is important that before leaving the house to go to work leave the blinds down. Although the darkness in the rooms upon returning can be a little sad, you will appreciate the degrees of less that will have been obtained throughout the day without spending a euro.

Trick 2: Control of household appliances

If once you are at home, do not stop cooking, putting washing machines or washing dishes, it is convenient to think for two minutes what appliances will play and if possible to save some. And it is of little use to have the house closed, if the atmosphere is overheated to make a roast chicken. Therefore, how to avoid passing heat without dispensing with the comfort of the washing machine or a succulent dish?

In the case of washing clothes, the most interesting thing would be to put the washing machine first thing in the morning. In this way, in addition to balancing the cool of this time slot, the high temperatures are used so that the garments dry faster in the air.

If, in addition, you have the washing machine in a gallery that leads to a patio of lights or terrace where you tend, you can extract performance from the residual heat to enhance the drying while preventing the rest of the house from heating up. Do the trick? Close the gallery door and open the window to the patio.

As for the kitchen, it is recommended that the diet adapt to these suffocating temperatures. Therefore, avoiding recipes that require an oven, large cooking doses or spicy foods will prevent the floor from gaining a few degrees. Now, this does not imply that you have to spend three months eating cold dishes. You can use the stoves without fear, like the oven, but do not forget to connect the smoke extractor.

3 more tricks: Fans, light colors and cool sheets

Controlling the entry of fresh air into the home – or preventing heat from entering – and being aware of the devices that play against it is the principle to prevent high temperatures from taking off sleep. But there are still three basic tricks with which to get those less achieved degrees noticed even more.

  • 1. The use of a fan is key on these dates. Now, it is not about moving hot air, but cold. In addition, it is important to create air currents. To do this, just place the fan in the opposite direction of the window. Therefore, logic indicates that this device will have a greater effect starting at night. And the rest of the day, what can be done? The most classic trick is to put a bucket of ice and salt fat right in front of the fan. Simple, cheap and effective.
  • 2. Another of the summer basics is to play with perceptions. The light colors generate the sensation of lightness and freshness. For this reason, using these tones in bedspreads, sheets and curtains will help create a more pleasant environment. And there is no need to redecorate the house. Simply put an old sheet of light color on a dark sofa to get it. Where you cannot fail is in the textile. During the summer nothing of corduroy or velvet, cotton is the best ally.
  • 3. If opening the windows at night is useless because the neighbor has the air conditioner on the house, there is a last trick. To counteract the heat that comes through that appliance, the bed may be cooler than usual. To do this, you just have to put the sheets in a bag and leave them for a while in the freezer. Before going to sleep, make the bed with the fresh sheets and rest!