5 Tips for having a very clean refrigerator

The refrigerator is the third most important piece of furniture in our house, only preceded by the bed and the bathroom. A house can be any space where you can shelter from the weather, where you can sleep, rest and have privacy, but what makes any house a true home is the love that is in it.

And there is no better way to show love than with food. And so that our love does not harm our loved ones, and that it can be preserved in perfect condition, we need an ally that keeps everything fresh, and until it protects it, a little bit, from the devourers: a refrigerator.

clean refrigerator

Who has not happened that when our mother, partner, grandmother or whoever is in charge of cooking has to be absent, they leave us the freezer full of food, so that we can survive the gray and sad days of their absence.

But every meal has a very characteristic smell, which sometimes serves as a call for mealtime, but it can also be an excellent method to put on a diet, when opening the refrigerator that mixture of smells makes us wobble and get away saying “better I do not want anything”.

Well, the hygiene in our refrigerator is as important as keeping our food clean, after all it’s where we keep them and the dirt not only makes them look and smell less appetizing, but actually makes them unpleasant and even harmful to the health. So if you want to keep your food fresh, then keep your refrigerator clean, follow these tips that we leave you.

Make your refrigerator last a long time!

Sometimes we go to grandma’s house and when we go to that sanctuary of happiness that is the kitchen, we find appliances that are not very new, but still work perfectly.

Even, perhaps it has happened to you that the refrigerator in your parents or grandparents’ house continues to serve, after 10 years, while yours just worked for about 5 years or less.

Well, as they would say they do not do them as before. And this applies not only to refrigerators, but also to some people. The secret for something to endure is cleaning and maintenance. Like the human body, the machines need to be clean and to be injected with a little vitamin, in their case gas, electricity, repair the magnets, etc.

1. Keep the order

Order is a magnificent remedy for many evils in life. A refrigerator in order will not only make you a little happier, but it will also guarantee that the scents do not mix.

If you have enough time, you could order your refrigerator every night, placing later the things that you will use the next day, or that you use continuously.

If your times are short, then simply classify the trays and drawers, designating one for fruits, another for vegetables, another for food, another for drinks. Make sure that liquid things are not up to the top, because in case of spillage would cause more problems.

2. Let it breathe!

The most common thing in kitchens is to place, wrongly, the refrigerator attached to the wall. However, this could prevent you from having adequate ventilation, that the lint will accumulate and that in the long run the operation of your refrigerator will be affected.

3. Defrost it regularly

Sometimes the refrigerators begin to freeze all the food, even the one that is not in the freezer, or on the contrary, they do not cool. This means that it is time to thaw it.

Low temperatures can also freeze some internal systems, so at least thaw your refrigerator three times a year so you can prevent failures, and your refrigerator’s engine is forced and decomposed.

4. Goodbye to bad smells!

To eliminate odors try cleaning the interior a couple of times a week, and for best results once a week clean the interior with a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate, let dry and then clean again as usual.

You can also rely on other elements, such as placing a container with ground coffee; or a container with lemon juice and cloves, or a little bicarbonate.

5. Clean out and in

The cleaning of your refrigerator should be done regularly. Clean the interior regularly, and at least once a week take everything out there, and wash the shelves and containers. If you get to spill something clean immediately.