Tips to increase the security of the doors

The doors of our home should not only be beautiful and play with the decoration; the level of security that these elements provide us is also an aspect that we should not neglect to guarantee the tranquility and well-being of our relatives. How to achieve a safer door? Let’s see what the professional locksmiths say about it.

security of the doors

Thermal and sound insulation
Although these qualities do not provide us with security, if we consider it necessary to point them by the fact that allow us to save electricity and contribute to our tranquility within the home. Sound insulation is a practically essential feature if we live in crowded areas of the city or busy streets, while; on the other hand, thermal insulation is a great advantage when it comes to reducing our energy consumption and having a much more efficient home.

The material of the doors
Nowadays, when we are about to buy a door for the home, we are faced with a wide choice of options, although if there is nothing of the most resistant materials, there is nothing like metal surfaces, fiberglass or wood. In any case, never forget to check if the door is reinforced inside (knocks the surface with the knuckles and according to the sound you can know it), because it is an aspect that will keep away intruders and criminals.

About frames and hinges
Obviously, of nothing it serves to us to be provided with a resistant door if the frame and the hinges can be corrupted easily. To solve this, you can opt for a fiberglass frame, much more resistant than conventional frames and whose performance can prevent our door to be forced easily. Also, be sure to install safety hinges, and if you implement a system of opening to the outside, your door will be more secure to any incident.

About the locks and the latch
In many cases, it happens that people turn all their efforts in having a main door of great security, but they neglect the rest of the exterior doors present in the home. For each of these constructive elements, the most intelligent decision lies in the fact of including a quality bolt, preferably made of solid metal and without screws that can be accessed from the outside (safety level 1 or 2). As for the latch, be sure to have a piece larger than 2.5 centimeters.

Do Crystals in an exterior door?
Crystals are decorative elements that bring visibility to our doors and a very good lighting, but in the field of security are not so effective. Anyone could break a glass structure easily and access the interior of our home without much effort. For this reason, it is much more advisable to dispense with this type of material, or in any case, bet on glass of great resistance and reinforce its presence with external bars.

Final recommendation
If we have already secured all our doors with resistant materials and quality locks, we only have one step to complete to have an effective security: close with key. Although it may seem too obvious, there are many scenarios where we forget to lock our doors, or worse, we secure the main entrance and neglect the rest of the exterior doors. Whenever you are ready to leave (even for a short time), ensure your home to the fullest.