Tips to illuminate our house properly

Lighting is an issue that we sometimes neglect. It is very important to take into account not only for aesthetic reasons but also for reasons of energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

illuminate house properly

With a correct lighting you will be able to obtain effects and very interesting results. You can get to emphasize certain colors, highlight textures and, above all, the most important, expand the space. You can do that the perception of a stay is different depending on the lighting that you use. Also with poor or improper lighting can cause the opposite effect. Make smaller spaces.

Today we are going to give some basic tips to illuminate our house. Let’s go defining each stay by parts:

Bedroom: We advise to use low light intensity and never direct. It is best to direct it to the walls or ceiling. So play with the reflection effect that makes a more welcoming environment.

Hall: Normally this space needs a good general light that create a soft and uniform illumination. The points of light should be well placed, following a criterion to achieve the effect. It is also possible to resolve with standard lamps that direct light to the ceiling.

Kitchen: The most important thing in a room like this is to avoid shadows. It is essential. For this it is best to use spotlights or ceiling light points under the highest cabinets. If you have a table for lunch or breakfast, use a ceiling lamp.

Toilets: As we mentioned in the kitchens, here shadows are not desirable. How do you avoid them? Flanking the mirror using sconces because if you focus one light will be poor and awkward to always have to paint shadows or shave.

Another important issue is the choice of the appropriate bulbs:

  • Halogen bulbs: Provide a powerful white light but emit a lot of heat.
  • Fluorescent lamps: Last long, consume little but this light is very cold.
  • LED lamp: Fashionable technology is allowing lower consumption without emitting heat. Its price is being reduced considerably and is highly recommended if you have rooms where you need light during a lot of followed time.