Tips for Keeping Your Garden Just as Healthy as It Is Lovely

Having the loveliest garden on the block comes with no small effort. You have things landscaped just as you want them and it all works well with the general decorating scheme throughout the entire property. Now what do you do to keep it just as healthy as it is lovely? That’s something you hadn’t thought about. A few well-placed tips just might help.

keep garden healthy

Check Regularly for Pests
One of the quickest ways to destroy a lovely lawn and garden is to get it infested with some kind of pest. Contrary to what you might have heard, bugs are not good for your plants! That is to say, some aren’t. Some will eat away at the roots until your plant keels over and dies right before your eyes while you are taken unawares. Others will eat the leaves or precious fruits and others yet will kill off friendly bugs that are actually good for your garden. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what to look for in identifying bugs, you can certainly spot the damages pests have done so that you know it’s time to call pest control, especially where chinch bugs are concerned.

Keep Fallen Leaves and Debris Picked Up
While it might not seem that fallen leaves and debris can do much damage, just wait until you have the next windy, rainy day. Those seemingly little twigs can wreak a lot of harm to young or fragile flowers and plants. Also, leaves infiltrating your garden can bring bacteria and diseases with them that live in the soil. This can quickly wipe out an entire garden if you don’t keep the spread in check. Many gardeners spread newspaper between the lower set of leaves and the soil so that when the plants are watered the dirt isn’t splashed up on to the plant. Disease spreads easily from contaminated soil and is often hard to kill.

Choose Your Fertilizer Carefully
While there are a number of commercial products on the market that sound good, many of them are derived from chemicals and if you are raising any edible crops, you’d be better choosing organic compounds. Also, pets and children that will be walking on the lawn or touching flowers or foliage can become ill if they come into contact with many of those fertilizers that are available in hardware stores around the nation. If you want a lovely and healthy garden, make every effort only to use products that will also keep your family and pets healthy as well!

Usually pests are going to be your biggest problem and they aren’t all bugs either! Moles will burrow down into the ground eating roots just like some bugs do and rabbits absolutely adore those greens you’ve gone to all that trouble planting. Chinch bugs will make mincemeat of your lawn so make sure to do a thorough inspection of your grass at least weekly. If you hire someone to keep it trimmed, charge them with the task of checking for pests that could kill your lawn within weeks. The key is to be alert. Keep your eyes on your garden for more than the beauty it offers. Keep your eyes out for problems and you really will have the healthiest and loveliest garden in the neighborhood.