Tips for decorating your outdoor marriage

Organize your celebration and the banquet on a garden, a plot or on the beach, has a very important advantage is that the environment itself is a natural decorative element. There are many possibilities to decorate and acclimates this space for day and night marriages. We invite you to inspire and make a difference with some cute ideas below.

outdoor marriage decoration

Things to consider
If your marriage is done in winter, you must install a tent. Make sure that it should be of transparent walls to show the outside, or better yet, that is complement transparent, and contract for central heating for conditioning the environment and that no one feel cold. There are alternatives such as furnaces, stoves lamps, gas, and many others that you can use in your day. Talk to the manager at the event center, and ask what happens in case of rain with the floor and others. You do not want a marriage full of mud.

If you want to do in summer, check to make sure that shadow reaches all the guests during the lunch and enough outdoor table and chairs for your guest. For this, must distribute well allocate large tables and umbrellas for each.

A nice carpet or a way of petals to the corridor more cages or jars with flowers to the side of each banking and a romantic pergola or arch of flowers, where will the bride and groom give the right environment for the declaration of the couple.

If you are going to have a tent for the event, hook from the ceiling large white spheres. These look good for day and night. During the day, deliver a clean and quiet environment, and at night, it look very nice illuminated. Hanging chandeliers is also a very chic idea and that shines much in marriages of day thus also, garlands of lights falling by the tent or across the sky of it.

To have trees and plants those are inside of the tent. It will give you a magical style, and in addition the trees are excellent candidates for hanging various adornments. Pools of water inside the tent will very shabby chic style, ideal for this style of marriage.

Large glass vases with simple arrangements of flowers and fruits together. Fish bowls with floating candles and colored stones. Lanterns with candles inside or large wooden candles.

Another good option is colored glass bottles as candle holders or vases also; metal vases, baskets of different materials or colors, and fill with wild flowers or various colors will give a unique style to the event.

outdoor marriage decoration

Wooden tables without tablecloth, is a good choice if your marriage is rustic. Tablecloths of different colors on each table or tablecloths with floral or polka dot prints for a cheerful atmosphere.

Decorate the banquet chairs with flowers, ribbons, signs indicating their names, flowers or paper balls. Customize the chair of the bride and groom. You can go with a small blackboard where follow “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Cute, right?

For a more rustic environment you can used wooden chairs and for a modern atmosphere, transparent chairs. Tolix chairs of different colors to add color to nature. Wicker chairs for a more rustic environment. Among the different types of chairs you will find the most related to your marriage style.

Remember to always have a corner for your guests to rest and talk quietly. You can locate comfortable armchairs installed under a cute awning, also stylish and elegant beds of beach and sunshades.

For a more intimate atmosphere, small corners with chairs and table of center for chat and do not forget to have a smoking area.

Hanging decoration and other exterior details
Use the trees to hang all kinds of ornaments. If your marriage is on day time, you can hang paper lanterns through ropes that pass through the main garden, or where better stay. Japanese umbrella hanging from the trees are a nice option. Strips of fabric with photographs or garlands of flowers falling from trees for a romantic style and large sunshades of cloth to protect of the sun or rain.