Take advantage of a small bedroom!

The majority of bedrooms cry out for more square meters to accommodate a large bed, and the rest of furniture. With a few simple tips you will be able to gain breadth without losing comfort.

small bedroom

The first thing to consider is the colors. Always choose a palette of soft colors, pure white or broken preferably, for both the walls and the curtains and furniture to decorate your bedroom. With this color range, you will always have the feeling of being in a much broader stay and make that the outside light reflected inside with more power.

The bedclothes should be chosen with the same philosophy, i.e. it must have a clean and simple design, or you can opt for horizontal lines which expend more space. You will think an excess of flashy prints attract all the attention and will eliminate the feeling of large and luminous space.

Once clear the choice of colors, pay attention to bedroom furniture, choosing multi-functional models, as bedside tables with several drawers or a bed frame that allows you to store books in the headboard or incorporated under it some system of storage, boxes or baskets for storing e.g. footwear or all bed linen that much space in your closet.

Other elements such as large mirrors offer a sense of depth to the bedroom. And if the stay has some untapped corner thinking about putting a shelf to put as a jeweler, scarves, etc.

Lighting can also help you save space if you go for floor lamps or attached to the wall; both give a very contemporary and sophisticated touch to your bedroom. With these tricks you can make a room more spacious, relaxing and comfortable. Do you like these ideas?

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