Solutions for integrated kitchen and dining room

In many contemporary houses there is a need to integrate the kitchen to a office or a small dining room to do breakfast, snack or as a way to save space and reduce transfer times from one room to another. We have some simple solutions to integrate kitchen and dining room in one space.

integrated kitchen and dining room

As for the dining table, round table shape can be more functional and practice because it allows you to add more seats than a rectangular and square will be more versatile.

In addition to dining furniture harmonize with kitchen; a recommendation is to bet on finishes in similar tones, as in kitchen where the white and gray are the predominant colors around the furniture.

In the ovens, where several appliances meet a practical idea is to add a support to hang in there a TV, and that adds to this space to accompany daily meals.

This is an alternative that allows an artifact that can be used both while cooking as in moments of meetings at the office, in addition to using the vertical surface of the stay.