Simple Tricks to Improve the Privacy of Your Home

With the rise in crime rates in Australia, people are more and more concerned about their personal safety and that of their properties. News of burglary and homicide has become common and mundane. Although modern technological systems such as home automation, and high security gadgets such as security alarms have been useful, it is important accept that not everyone can afford such high-end protection equipment. This is why it is important to realize the importance of following precautions that can ensure one’s safety.

privacy of your home

Windows are a burglar’s best friend since they enable him to assess the interior of your property. They directly point burglars towards your valuables and also give them the opportunity to get a rough sketch of the house. Such information is pivotal to a break-in and thus must not be handed over to a burglar on a silver platter. Thus, when renovating your home, make sure to purchase and install blinds to all the windows. Google for “blinds Australia” for unique local products. This will keep your windows obscure at all times and will thereby prevent the burglar from obtaining any information regarding the layout of the house or its properties.

Pet Dog
This is the most effective and loyal security system that you can ever have. Even if your security alarm fails you, your dog will not. Never advertise the presence of your pets on the entrance since it can tip off the burglars. Of course, burglars go the extent of drugging animals for their advantage. This is why you should get a fighter or guard dog such as a Rottweiler or a bullmastiff. Do not have pet flaps on your door since they can make it easier for the thieves to break in.

Social Media
Do not advertise yourself on social media. There is no need for you to post what you are doing or where you are going. You have no idea who gets access to this information. A simple Facebook status that says you are not at home is sufficient enough for burglar to break in. In the same way, an innocent tweet about your new car purchase can backfire too. Remember that your job is to make it harder for these thieves, not easier. Therefore, do not update your activities on social media.

Remember that your garden is a safe haven for thieves. Therefore, you should not let them use it against your advantage. Do not grow bushes around the house to keep it away from a burglar’s eye since it will only make it more appealing. Thieves use these bushes to hide and spy on your home. Moreover, never leave your gardening equipment in the garden. Once you are done with a chore, pick up your tools and take them to the garage or basement. Leaving a ladder or mechanical equipment in the garden gives the burglar the tools he needs to break in. Therefore, refrain from doing so since there is nothing worse than having your own tools used to break into your house.

Although these techniques might not be as ‘cool’ as an automated home, they are more than capable of protecting your life from burglars and maintaining your privacy. In the end, the methods mentioned above are just as effective as any tech gadget.