Painting walls of a small house: What colors to choose?

Today, the houses tend to be smaller and smaller because of the prices and earthly limitations of the different locations. When painting walls of a house of these characteristics have to carefully choose shades that will be used because depending on this, will be a better or worse harmony in the home. Then we will give some tips to make the choice that is correct:

small house painting

First, should take into account the cool colors – blue, green… to give the impression of space, while the warm – red, yellow warm… offer just the opposite, so the choice is not recommended a warm tone as the main color of the walls and/or ceilings.

The decor in white is a color that, besides giving elegance to housing – ideal for minimalist environments, offers the impression of space and harmony, so it is a color that tends to be used very often. Using it on roofs could elevate the perception of these.

Use contrasting colors for small rooms is pleasing to the eye and also gives a sense of stability. For example, when used as contrast black on white – walls and ceilings in white and doors, windows, curtains, furniture, lamps and/or objects of decoration in black – it becomes possible to show elegance and order.

White is recommended for kitchen, unless it is large enough. Something similar happens with the bathroom, unless it is very bright, it is recommended the use of paint and furniture in white. The rooms, being spaces for relaxing, require that the colors are harmonious as celestial or very soft green, with white roof. The furniture and details should not be pompous and the lower contrast, the greater the harmony of stays devoted to rest.