Minimalist decor: Less is more

The minimalist decor emerged during the seventies and aims to achieve relaxing, bright and discrete spaces. If you want to decorate your home in this style you must take into account some important points to achieve the simplicity you’re looking for and have injected elegance all the corners of the house.

minimalist decor

The lighting is very important, so we recommend betting by the natural light and discrete lamps. Not fit very flashy accessories, and straight lines, squares and simple furnishings are what you choose for the home. The most suitable colors for the minimalist decor are white and neutral, and white with black or grey can also be combined.

Remember that in this type of decoration, less is more. So the elegance will be based on little furniture, muted colors and simple decorations. The walls should be white, wooden floors, and choose an ochre sofa, and this way the stay will seem more sober and elegant.

Other materials that can not miss are the stones, cement and glass, so you know where to choose. The textiles must also be neutral, plain and sober, so will be in harmony with the home. If you have a garden or terrace, we recommend that you add this style.

You can not forget to use to store furniture such as shelves, cabinets and shelves and top with simple elements to contribute major elegance. It must ensure that the rooms remain unique, but that all have minimalist style, if you want them.

A good idea is to look at ideas on the Internet and buy accessories and furniture that will serve for decorating the home.