Materials for water pipes

Water pipes have a very important role in ensuring a safe and clean supply. Do you know the different materials for water pipelines?

When we need water for drinking, cooking or for any domestic work, we open the tap and have it. But we are not aware of the path that runs along the water until it comes to our house. The maintenance of the pipes is done regularly by the distribution companies to comply with regulations.

water pipes materials

Different models of pipes
Although it is the builder who is responsible for placing the pipes so that water enters the home, it is good to know of what type it is to know how the water comes.

There is a multitude of materials for water pipes, but we will then summarize the most used. To know what are the advantages of one kind or another, we can establish better criteria which are better and safer for our home. Some of these materials are copper, PVC, polyethylene and galvanized iron.

Common materials

Chrome Copper: Commonly used for outdoor areas where the pipe is visible. It’s have a small diameter and usually have brightness to increase the aesthetics of the area where placed. Its installation is very simple because you can cut and easy to manage.

PVC: This type of pipes are the most common in all homes and premises. Its cost is very economical and the assembly process is easy. Always used for the cold water supply.

Galvanized Iron: today no longer this material is used, although we can see in some older installations. The reasons for that are outdated for its rust and corrosion, as well as the difficulties to install it.

Polyethylene: Thanks to its plastic component and the different measures in which we can find this material, it can be used in any area. Its use is also common in homes, being a very flexible material and simple installation. Polyethylene is one of the best options in terms of security of supply, although it is not recommended in areas where the water has a high amount of chlorine.

Once we know the types of materials for water pipes, and can decide the best option for the supply of water in our house. We should always take into account the age of the house, as well as the area where we live, among other factors.

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