How to choose a light with motion sensor

Home security and lighting is important in the transit areas, both outdoors and indoors. These are measures that can avoid us tripping and falling. With the crisis we all try to cut the electricity bill, and maintaining good lighting can become very expensive, even with the light bulbs. Therefore, there are lamps that include sensors to activate. We find ourselves with light sensors and occupancy sensors, but today we are going to talk about this last type of lighting.

motion sensor light

The first thing to note is that the lamp bulb including sensor should not be low power, since these require a heating time and, being a passageway, we need a light instantly. So, we can use the new standard bulbs or LED that consume very little and light up quickly.

A single detector or included lamp

When we go to buy the motion detector device we can purchase independently or with the included lamp. Install a separate detector can help us save money if we have to illuminate a large area, since a single detector will help us to light several lamps at once.

These types of detectors have an entrance where we will connect the voltage and output that will go to the lamps. It is necessary to have precaution and not to exceed the maximum current that it can provide, because it could burn.

Presence Sensitivity

Meanwhile, motion sensors including lamps are indicated for specific areas, and that can greatly facilitate the installation and only need to take the lamp voltage.

All sensors are configurable and can be adjusted both sensitivity to the presence, as long as we remain on the lamp once triggered the detector. It also tends to include two potentiometers that we will adjust our needs.

As you can see, the motion sensor devices can help us greatly in our day to day, for example, these are often used in bathrooms and stairways, as these are transit areas in which we sometimes forget to turn off the light and, therefore, a sensor would be perfect to not spend more than necessary.