Keep Your Old Kitchen Cabinets Out Of The Landfill And Sell Them Online

Green is a popular buzzword and way of life that’s growing in traction in Canada. It usually refers to the environmentally-friendly choices (big or small) that we make day to day. As a homeowner in the midst of renovating his kitchen, you’re taking all of the necessary steps to ensure your redecorating efforts are environmentally friendly.

kitchen cabinets

You wire energy efficient lighting, install Energy Star appliances, and use sustainable resources for your materials, but what about all of the dated (but still functional) pieces that no longer have a home in your kitchen? If you’re replacing your kitchen cabinets with sustainably sourced materials, you don’t have to throw out your old cabinets. Selling them online is the greenest and most profitable option.

With the right tools and careful attention to detail, you can easily uninstall your current kitchen cabinets and sell them online. Simply create an account on your local classified website and make a listing for your cabinets. Your post should include a brief description of the style, materials, and size of the cabinets in question, in addition to your desired price and your location. Then you wait until someone contacts you about your items and arranges a pick up. By finding someone in your community who’s looking for recycled cabinets, you can keep yours out of the landfill.

When you sell kitchen cabinets, you also benefit by making a few bucks off of something that you would have otherwise recycled. These extra dollars won’t go unappreciated when you’re doing a major overhaul of your kitchen. The money you make through the sale of your cabinets can go towards the purchase of a better, more energy efficient dishwasher or fridge.

The social impact of selling or buying online is positive as well. The local economy benefits by keeping the money in local hands. This is in contrast to buying from a non-local or even offshore producer, the profits of which would be less likely to trickle back to your local businesses. As local business prospers, the entire area is more prone to upscale development and civic improvements. On a personal level, selling or buying directly with our neighbors (or nearly that) can open doors to other positive transactions.

So before you rip out your cabinets without care or remove them into the recycling bin, consider the financial and environmental benefits of selling them online. The extra cash you make can go into funding the rest of your renovation. Meanwhile, you’ll have helped a local community member find a set of cabinets without adding to additional manufacturing costs, ensuring your renovation is as green as it gets.