Ideas to decorate the terrace of your house

In this post we will give ideas for decorating the terrace of your house, since in addition to take account of aesthetic aspects, it is also important to decorate it based on different characteristics that have as orientation, size or climate. Keep reading and sure that you will find the keys so that your terrace turns out to be cozy.

decorating terrace

To begin with, it is recommended that the terrace has a good lighting. To give it a chic and modern twist, if the terrace is large can illuminate a tree or plant, which will provide a point of indirect light.

If the terrace has a lawn, you can give it an aspect of Zen decor by placing in a part of the terrace surfaces with pebbles or rockery, white or of color.

On the other hand, it is ideal to use furniture that gives warmth to the decor. This can be achieved with wood or with furniture built based on resins. Between them, the disadvantage of wood is that it needs maintenance by natural wear and tear that suffers while in sunny areas.

On the terraces, in addition, it is essential that there is a part shaded to be used as a seating area. To do this, on the terraces are very useful awnings, and if you have a large garden, you can use pergolas.

If the terrace is small to give a feeling of wider space, an option is to place furniture or objects with curved lines. And precisely speaking about decorative elements, we recommend not to abuse sculptures or large vases, since it would focus the attention of the terrace and would not get the feeling of cozy space as a whole.

If you opt to include plants on the terrace, ideally the colors and shapes of ones and others to harmonize among them. And another option that we recommend is to opt for some aromatic plant, as it provides a pleasant smell to the space.