The ABC in decorating styles

In decor, style is a particular way of decorating a space, through certain guidelines, certain colors, furniture or shapes, forming a specific composition. In this article we tell you what the best known are and used decorating styles.

decorating styles

Classical decoration
It is a style based on the conservative bourgeois house of the last century: with classic materials, is seeking the convenience and comfort, with garnets, green, dark red and brown colors, may also have motifs of flowers, birds or stripes rather than square. You can include prints, murals, plants, cornices, large curtains and delicate ornaments.

This style is characterized, as well as its name suggests, by the simple shapes, with wide and rather clear environments. Neutral colors and basic geometric shapes seek balance and harmony from its minimum expression.

Rustic decoration
It stands out for the use of noble materials and natural little treaties such as wood, wicker or the mat, present both in the furniture and walls and in objects and utensils. It also promotes the crafts as the harsh fabrics in light colors. It can be a simple or sophisticated style, while avoiding overloaded environments.

Zen style
Another style that seeks harmony and balance from simplicity: few objects, natural materials and the presence of aromas, something that is its own. The tones are clear and neutral, and furniture also follows the simplicity of lines, preferably low and natural wood.

Loft style
This is a fairly new style took inspiration from industrial premises, but adapted to the housing. Rather cold, clean, hard surfaces, solid colors, little warm. The most commonly used materials are metal, plastic and rubber. The empty space is very present and with pure geometric shapes and sharp angles.

Oriental decoration
Based on the ancient oriental culture with the simplicity that contributes its wisdom and philosophy. Colors, objects, murals and decorations that refer at all times (or copied) aesthetics and customs. Contrasting textures (stone, wood, paper), objects such as fonts, candles, incense, and the presence of nature (stone, water, flowers) in a total balance, proposed based on the concept of yin and yang.

Kitsch decor
Kitsch is a style that stands out due to the predominance of the color and shapes, the use of unsightly, even garish elements. Predominant colors like bubblegum pink, sky blue, green and apple red. As textures, it used a wide variety, from the wire and plastic, to the glass and synthetic fabrics. The furniture can acquire odd shapes and there are almost no limits for accessories: all kinds of striking and original objects can be included.

Shabby Chic decor
The shabby chic highlighted in objects and antique furniture but updated, or perhaps something worn or with patinas, but do not look like old. The shabby chic relies mainly on accessories and furniture. Patinated lamps and antique chandeliers with fringes and a romantic touch. Painted antique furniture combined with contemporary fabrics and modern furniture. Upholstery, cushions and curtains with flowers are some of its most representative elements.