How to develop a child’s room

Your child’s room should be conducive to the games… but also to sweet nights, enable to concentrate for homework and to welcome his friends. But it must also be easy to live and store. Check out the advice of a pro to make this versatile piece, always in style.

develop child room

How to choose a bed?
Choose them according to their age, without anticipating! When we move from crib to crib, opt preferably for a “junior” bed (70 x 150 cm), a comfortable midsize for children up to 8 years, before moving to the big bed 90 x 200 cm. One can opt for changing beds, following the growth of your child, or the beds slightly elevated, beds in mezzanine…

At what age can we go to a bed by height?
From 4 years old, the child can sleep in a bunk bed with a height of 1.20 m, and then to 6 years, a raised bed of 1.60 m, is ideal for saving space on the floor and develop his desk.

How to get two children in a room?
The most effective solution: the bunk bed! Then create two custom environments playing with the color of the walls, furniture, adding some stickers, photos… so everyone can feel at home.

What furniture for clothes?
For clothes, we advise a cabinet with shelves … more accessible and convenient than the wardrobe; complemented by a day to small clothes and accessories at hand and thus develop their autonomy.

What storage privilege to organize (classify) toys?
Multiply storage solutions but still at ground level! By mixing accessories closed for each type of toys: boxes of any kind to stack or put away in the drawer under the bed, industrial style metal lockers hyper practical for storing sheets, felts, painting… But also the storage cubes open stack or attach at the bottom of the wall, not to mention, the towers (library) to classify books…

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