How Ducted Air Conditioning Can Help Medical Conditions

Air conditioning comes with many different advantages besides cooling your home or office. Did you know that an air conditioning unit can help with some medical conditions? Creating a healthy environment with clean air has a huge impact on your health.

ducted air conditioning

Below are 4 health conditions that an air conditioning unit can help with.

1. Asthma and Other Breathing Issues

Ducted air conditioning or a split system unit can help to relieve symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions. An air con unit can help remove any irritants or pollutants from the air before they cause any issues to your breathing.

As part of this, you need to make sure that your filters are kept clean. Without clean filters, your air conditioning unit won’t be able to properly filter the air before it is spread around your home or office.

2. Allergies

Similar to breathing problems, your air conditioning unit is a great device to help remove pollens, animal dander and other irritants that can flare up allergies and sinus problems. You will be surprised at how good your ac unit is when it comes to removing allergens from the air. During high allergy seasons, make sure you keep your windows and doors closed while you keep your air con unit on.

3. Heat Related Conditions

Australia is a very hot country, that comes as no surprise. When you are forced to live and work in extreme hot conditions you can become susceptible to heat related conditions such as heat stroke. Infants and the elderly also find it harder to deal with hot conditions. Take advantage of your air conditioning system during extreme temperatures. This will reduce the likelihood of heat-related conditions and make summertime much more bearable.

4. Conditions Caused by the Cold

A cold home or office can make even the smallest tasks seem much harder. The cold causes joints to seize up and hurt. This is especially true for fingers and toes. If you have ever worked in a cold office you will probably remember how hard it was for you to use your keyboard. The cold can also make joint problems such as arthritis feel much worse and possibly flare up.

These are just a few of the health benefits that your air conditioning unit can bring. Making sure your filters are kept clean and in good working order will make sure that your system is working at top efficiency.