Tips for decorating the home for Halloween

On the night of October 31 to November 1, the Halloween party is celebrated internationally. It is a celebration of Celtic origin that has become popular throughout the world in recent years. In your family may also be that you bet to bring to your fullest expression of that Halloween. If we are right, you will be interested in continuing reading. Why? Because we are going to give you a series of useful tips to decorate the home for Halloween.

decorating home for halloween

These are simple recommendations that will allow you to create a scary and appropriate home for that evening, where decorated pumpkins occupy a central place, phrases such as “trick or treating?” And the costumes of monstrous beings. Do you dare to give a renovated look for a few days to your home? Take note.

Terrifying garlands

Among the many measures, you can take to decorate your home for this night of witches is placing terror garlands. In any bazaar or store, you can find those that are for sale with many different reasons. Thus, you will find them with Halloween pumpkins, with ghosts, with figures of bats, with zombies, with witches mounted on their brooms, with black cats…

You only have to proceed to choose the ones you like the most and then place them in the entrance of your home, in the living room, in the corridors… where you consider it appropriate.

Tetric lighting

Precisely this party that concerns us is associated with the darkness, the fear. For that reason, it is essential that in your home you give a remarkable change to the lighting. What can you do? Take measures like these:

  • If you have domotic or lamps that you can regulate, choose to put the light of the rooms much dimmer.
  • In the same way, instead of turning on the light bulbs, decide to put burning candles around the home. Of course, it watches very well the place where you install them to avoid that a small fire can take place.
  • An alternative is to opt for putting those Halloween pumpkins that work like terrifying candles.

Decoration for the entrance of home or for the hall

You should not only take care in the decoration of the different rooms but also in the exterior door of your home or in the hall. To give them the monstrous and appropriate touch, you can choose to put garlands like the ones already mentioned, plastic skeletons and even give shape to some scarecrow of the most terrifying. Only a matter of imagination.

Other monstrous objects

In order for the result to be the one you expect, it is important that take care of all the details and that you place different Halloween objects that will make your home simply spectacular:

  • In costume stores and even in bazaars, you will find bloody hands or even spiders that can be useful to give scares to your guests and create the terrifying atmosphere that you want.
  • You can also make use of old sheets and give shape to ghost figures to place distributed around the home.
  • Small dolls of terrifying characters like Frankenstein, Chucky, Scream … that will be very good to give that dark touch that you look for your home.
  • Spider webs, on the doors of the rooms and even in the corridor.
  • Bat figures.

Homemade crafts to decorate the home for Halloween

In addition to everything indicated, you should know that, if because you like to do crafts or because you do not have too much money to spend on shopping for this night of witches, you can choose to create homemade decorative elements. Yes, you can get down to work and make Halloween proposals such as these:

  • With balloons and old sheets you can shape ghosts that you can hang from the ceiling.
  • If you resort to the use of black cardboard and pins, you can create bats, which then you will install throughout the home.
  • With white paper and stickers, you can transform the doors of your home, in a simple way, into mummies.
  • With old clothes, a little tomato sauce and a gloomy pumpkin you can shape a bloody scarecrow that will leave stunned your guests.
  • Using paint, you can transform bottles of your home into monstrous faces, which you must distribute throughout the different rooms.

What are you waiting for to get down to work? Follow these tips and you will see that the result is simply spectacular.