Choosing a Garage Door Services for your Installation and Repairs in Tacoma, WA.

Much more than a form of security against intruders and the weather, garage doors add value to your home and give you peace of mind. They can be one of the most overlooked and underrated part of a house until an issue comes up with it.

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Tacoma, Washington is a large city with a population of about 200 thousand people. Check here for more on this city. Many homes in Tacoma, use some type of garage door or the other and will either require an installation or a repair. As a result of this, there are several garage door installation and repair companies available out there. We shall therefore look at how to sort through this lot to find one you can work with.

Choosing a Garage Door Service Company

Servicing your garage door might be easy when it is just a minor issue. If however you need to install or do a major repair on your garage door, then you may need to employ the services of professionals. If you are looking to hire a company, here are things to watch out for so you can select the right one.


This is probably the most important thing to consider in choosing a garage door repair company. Research and see how long they have been in business, the areas they serve and operate, how many customers they have and have catered for, etc. The more experienced they are, the more capable they are likely to be. A company with several years of experience will know about installing new models of doors and also know how to repair older models. They would know about different styles and kinds of garage doors and be up to date with the latest products in the market.

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Professionalism and Workmanship

Service fees for garage door installation are typically charged by the hour so you want to choose a reputable company like Freedom Garage Door Repair Services that can efficiently offer fast and reliable services. This helps you save on cost while at the same time not compromising on quality. The company’s staff or representative should, from the moment you contact them, be professional, courteous and easy to relate with.

Apart from these, their work should be of good quality and be able to stand the test of time. You can find out about this by asking about them from people they have previously worked for or even by checking out previous locations where they have worked, if you can get this information.


Installing or repairing a garage door requires some specialized tools. These tools are expensive and cannot be bought by just anyone or for a one-off job. A good company will have the requisite tools to undertake different projects.

Certification and Compliance

Take time to check their history and records. See if they are licensed to conduct business in Tacoma. Also, investigate if they follow business ethics, codes, and regulations. You most certainly need a company that has passed safety standards and are certified to install and repair garage doors in Tacoma, WA.


You want to make sure any garage door repair company you hire is insured so if anything goes wrong, you do not bare the loss or cover the cost. Rather, you can get compensation. You can file a complaint if any of the staff or technician happens to break or damage anything on your property while they are carrying out their work and they will pay for the damages.

Also, if any form of accident happens during installation or repairs, you will not be liable for it. The company’s insurer can cover any medical expenses involved. This is what is usually known as bonding and you can learn more about it here:


Fixing a garage door is an investment and can be capital intensive. You do not want to use a company that will make you part with your hard-earned money and not carry out a quality job hence the need to do your due diligence in researching for a reputable company. The company should have positive reviews from independent review sites as well as previous customers.

Ask your friends and co-workers for recommendations. Ask a potential company for a list of customer references in Tacoma, WA. Let a technician explain the problem to you, tell you what the solution is and the exact cost of repair. This should give you an idea of how good they are at their job.

Some red flags to avoid include:

  • Companies with no address.
  • Companies that try to pressure you into making a quick decision.
  • Companies that demand you pay in full before the project is complete.