Do You Need Planning Permission for Horse Stables?

Do you need planning permission for horse stables? The answer is: it depends on the type of stable. However, it is something that is often required for stables. The size of the building doesn’t matter; the location and planned use does. Let’s look at some of the factors that determine whether or not your new stable requires permission from the authorities.

planning permission


Planning permission isn’t required if the building isn’t permanent. This means that planning permission isn’t required for a mobile field shelter or a stable that you can load up on a trailer and move. Note that you may have to move it periodically to avoid having to file for a permit or pay a fine for installing a new building without permission.

On the other hand, a permanent barn is typically going to have to get planning permission. You should even ask the planning authority before you rip down a decaying dairy barn and put a beautiful horse barn in its place. However, you can set up a mobile field shelter or mobile horse barn for your horses while you’re getting permission to build a permanent barn for your animals.

Changing the Use of an Existing Building

In general, you need to get permission to change the use of a building. You can find more information on stable planning permission relative to building regulations that new construction must meet.

Planning permission is required in cases like converting a barn into a home or a storage building into a stable. The main purpose of this is to prevent people living in unsuitable buildings, the formation of illegal and polluting businesses, or greater development than local infrastructure can handle. For example, new home construction might be denied if the local roads, water and sewer systems can’t handle the influx of new people.

Making Major Changes to Your Property

Most people know that you need planning permission to make a major change to your property, whether you’re adding two more bedrooms or adding a second story to your home. You won’t have to get permission to make over your garden, but you often will if you’re going to add a shed, barn or free standing garage. You’ll also have to get permission to add a garage onto an existing home.

Planning Permission Versus Building Regulations

Note that planning permission is about permission to build the building. They will approve where it is located and based on its intended use. Building regulations are separate from this. For example, building regulations address the design of the structure and the quality of materials and the design itself.

A cheaply made DIY barn, for example, is going to violate building regulations even if you have permission to put a barn up at that location. Hire a good architect to design the building if you aren’t using an already approved plan.

In some cases such as stables and sheds, you can commission the building and have it delivered and installed at your site. There are even factory built homes built in the factory in accordance with building regulations before being delivered to your home site for installation on a poured foundation.