Everything about the red in the decoration

No wonder the color of passion! Red, however excellent color when properly organized. We must therefore remain vigilant and trusting its instincts about the amount of red in a room. If, after a few days, one wonders if there is too much red, is that there are too many. Quite simply. Decoration, the easiest way is to use the red color accessory rather than wall paint. Why? Because it only takes a few minutes to change curtains, move carpets, move furniture or hang another table, while it is more difficult to paint a wall.

red in decoration

Red is such a strong color that can quickly take over even if it is in the minority. When you ask people what is the color of a room, most respond with wall color, except when the furniture is red. (This is valid for all highly saturated colors).

Red is so hot color, activating and energizing. Therefore, without seeking further, most people intuitively advise against red in a room. We think instead that it is a very good choice (by touch) as a complementary color to a room where the dominant chromatic atmosphere is relaxing or neutral. The Red is the aphrodisiac color by excellence. It excites and will desires. In addition, the Red makes love or may extend the flame… In short, red in a couple room want to go to bed. This is the recommended color for those who vegetate until no time in front of TV.

In a room that is not only sleep, you wake up too. People who do not suffer from insomnia but simply to lack of sleep and who have trouble getting up in the morning can take advantage of the red. Especially the teenagers for whom clock is a calvary. Red replaces the coffee they drink not even at breakfast. If a teenager wants a red carpet in his room, especially do not dissuade. However, attention to monitor the status of his sleep. If his nights are restless, if he can not fall asleep, the red is to be avoided even keys. Also careful not to use the red for hyperactive children.

Feng Shui recommends red in the “reputation” area of your home, the living room or office. This encourages discussion and presents the host as someone strong and determined. A deep red wall is the best effect; especially the red is a color that lights up at night very well and gives a one-side friendly lounge. We have seen that red could cause a perceived higher temperature of almost 2 degrees, the actual level. So long live the red for chilly persons and places where there is often cold! Red is not recommended in the kitchens of those who want to go on a diet that associated with white because, red stimulates the appetite.

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