Carpets: The Distinctive Element of Winter

Already with the cold on the feet: what better than a couple of rugs to decorate and renovate your house this winter season? It’s never go out of fashion and have the ability to transform spaces, to give more warmth and provide a very nice decorative touch.

carpet for each room

The carpets have its pros: For example, in addition to being a decorative and aesthetic element that will add beauty to your surroundings, also serves to visually delineate areas, even within the same room, as it can be the area of being of the lounge or the area of the bed in a large room, etc. It also have the advantage of being able to renovate a space without any other work more than place it in the right place.

A carpet for each room
The carpets are the epicenter of any stay, the right point of encounter between the decor and comfort, the place of passage and stay on the floor. A carpet of quality and design well placed can modify and beautify any space without many more efforts.

In the foyer or entrance hall are a warm way of welcoming: Opening the door and be there waiting for a carpet is a pleasant encounter, an element that will make you feel at home right away. Ideally, its size is proportional to the space and the furniture you get there. You will always find identical designs and houses that offer custom carpets to keep the proportions.

carpet for each room

In the bedroom act as shelter: In this case, it is advisable to choose a long model, fluffy hair and more pleasant for touch of the feet. Combine it with matching bedding and seeks to choose light or soft colors, to help you achieve better sleep. The current trend is to place a single carpet to share, instead of two smaller. You can place it at the foot of the bed or at the sides – if you choose for two smaller models.

Already in the living room, usually come well to define spaces within the same environment: You can even use different models, depending on the area, the furniture and decor in that particular corner that you have. Almost mandatory are in the living room. To look and dress better, make sure it stand out at least 20 centimeters on each side of the sofa. For the dining room, the ideal is to choose a model with the same shape as the table, thus create a harmonious and balanced set.

In the classical models, it add the most daring and intense: In stronger shades like red, green or yellow. These options can put the color note to a neutral environment, or enhance the vitality in a more vivid decoration. While you can play with combinations and encourage more energetic games, be careful not to overdo it and fall into the excess.

With regard to the reasons, in addition to the own textures and effects of the used fabrics, triumph geometric designs, arabesques and inspired by nature.