Better Interior Ambience with Good Ventilation

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the interior ambiance of your house. Adding mood lighting and switching to LED lights not only helps you reduce your carbon footprint, but it transforms the room into a warm and welcoming one as well.

good ventilation

Another thing you can do to improve interior ambiance is to improve air ventilation. After all, good air circulation makes the interior space more comfortable and pleasant to use. To help you get started, here are the best tips and tricks you can use.

Add a Heat Recovery System

If you are not using an air ventilation system with heat recovery, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Systems from BPC Ventilation, particularly the ones designed for home use, lets you lower the cost of heating your house by a substantial margin.

The heat recovery system does exactly what you think. It captures heat circulating in the air and releases that heat to maintain the interior climate. You no longer have to rely solely on the central heating or exterior heat to keep the interior temperature at a comfortable level.

The systems themselves improve air ventilation. The capture and processing of heat substantially reduce interior humidity. As soon as the system is installed, you’ll feel more comfortable while inside your house. There are other benefits too; visit to learn more.

Use Spot Ventilation

Some areas around the house capture damp or dirty air by nature. The kitchen, for example, will become hotter and filled with steam when in use. In areas like the kitchen, you need active exhausts venting air to the outside.

The same can be said for the bathroom. When in use – especially when hot water is used – the bathroom builds up moisture and damp air inside. An active extractor fan is once again needed to prevent that damp air from attracting mould and other issues.

This type of extractor is known as spot ventilation. You can add spot ventilation to other areas around the house as needed and use them to balance the interior climate better. Maintaining a cosy ambiance will be easier with spot ventilation in the system.

Invest in Air Intake

We’ve been talking about managing air and sucking out contaminated air from unwanted areas, but good air ventilation needs one more ingredient: fresh air. Aside from managing the air that is already inside the house, you also need to think about bringing fresh air into the house.

That comfortable feeling you get when entering the house depends on the amount of oxygen – yes, fresh air – inside the house as well. This is why many ventilation systems now include modules that help bring fresh air into the interior.

Another way to bring in more fresh air is by investing in large windows, including large ceiling windows, in some cases. Naturally, windows also help bring in more natural light to the space, which also makes the space more comfortable to use.

Get these elements right and you will have a great interior ambiance. Good air ventilation also lets you maintain your interior climate in a more effective way. These are the benefits you don’t want to miss.