Best Smoke Detectors For Your Home

Everyone understands the importance of protecting your home. It’s a big investment. And it’s the place you call home. You want to keep this place safe so that you are safe and your investment in it is not diminished.

smoke detectors

You’ll insure your home of course. (Please, please, insure your home.) But prevention is worth more than a cure. And this is where smoke alarms are important. Early warning of the dangers of fire can help prevent that fire. More importantly, that early warning can prevent loss of life by giving you and your family time to evacuate.

The question is then, what fire alarm should I get for my home?

Types Of Fire Alarms

Let’s have a look at the types of fire alarms available. We can bracket these into several categories. The first is the technology used to detect smoke. Then there are other technologies that are subsidiary, such as smart phone apps. We’ll also discuss interconnected smoke alarms, since these are fast becoming mandatory.

Ionization Smoke Alarms

These alarms have a small piece of radioactive material in them that senses smoke. They sniff out fires, so to speak. When smoke enters the detector it disrupts the flow of ions from the radioactive stuff. That’s when the alarm knows to signal a fire.

Photovoltaic Smoke Alarms

If an ionization smoke alarm sniffs out fires, then this type sees smoke. They work by shining a light through a chamber. When smoke obscures that light, the alarm is activated.

Photovoltaic alarms are proven to be better at sensing smouldering fires. These are the most common fire conditions in the home, which is why photovoltaic smoke alarms are recommended. In some areas these alarms are now mandatory.

Interconnected Smoke Alarms

Speaking of mandatory, the other thing that many jurisdictions are calling for is interconnected smoke detectors. These detectors talk to each other. When one detects smoke, they all alarm.

This is a proven life saver. If the smoke alarm in the kitchen sounds, you should know about it even if you’re asleep in the bedroom down the other end of the house. This is what interconnected smoke alarms do.

The Best Smoke Alarms For Your Home Is…

The best smoke alarms for your home are a combination of photovoltaic and interconnected. This is the combination that is (for instance) required by law in Queensland, Australia. Interconnected photovoltaic smoke detectors are the new standard for smoke detection. This is what you should insist on for your home.

Smoke Alarm Installation

You will probably need expert help to install interconnected photovoltaic smoke detectors. Choose a smoke alarm specialists or specialist electrician like South East Electrical. This will ensure you get proper working detectors in all areas of your home. Where legislation applies to smoke detectors, it’ll make sure you’re compliant with all present and future laws. A good electrician will make sure your alarms are hard-wired. This means they’re not totally dependent on batteries. (See below.)

What Else You Need To Know About Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors need regular maintenance. You should test your smoke detector each month. They’ll have a button on them that activates the alarm. Many are battery operated and for these you need to replace the batteries regularly. The battery life will differ depending on the product. For some it is yearly. For others it is up to decade.

Choose carefully and consult with experts. Smoke alarms are a cost effective way of ensuring the safety of your home and your family.