Buying Property? Get A Building And Pest Inspection

If you’re looking to buy a home, or an investment property, you’ll want to know everything about that property. You can do your research on the location and compare prices to similar dwellings. What you can’t know is what is going on behind the walls. That’s why you need experts to help you. Building and pest inspections can tell you what you need to know about this massive investment you’re about to make.

Building And Pest Inspection

What is a building and pest inspection and why do you need one?

A building and pest inspection of your prospective property brings in experts to check your property. They tell you about the structural elements of that property. For instance, you don’t want to buy a property and find out later it requires tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs. A building inspector will tell you whether your building is structurally sound. A pest inspector will tell you if you have pests you need to know about or not.

You need a building and pest inspection to remove the uncertainty about the soundness of your investment. You need this inspection so you can make an informed decision on the worth of that property. And you need it so you’re not caught out by big bills after your purchase.

Building Inspections

A building inspection is usually carried out by someone with former experience as a builder. This isn’t always the case but it is desirable. No-one knows a building like someone who has built one, repaired one and seen hundred of times the problems that arise in buildings. A building inspector also has experience as a building inspector, of course.

They should be fully licensed and insured.

A good building inspector should also be a good communicator. You’ll get a written report about your inspection. That’s a given. But a written report can’t always explain the nuance of an older home. For instance, what if there is some wear and tear? Is it a problem? Do you have 5 years or 10 years before it is a problem? What would possible repairs costs be? What can you do to mitigate this issue? These are the questions that a good building inspector can answer. Talk to your inspector before you commit and make sure they’re clear communicators.

The written report is important. There’s only so much information you can retain. You’ll want a comprehensive report to refer back to. Ask your inspection company to show you the pro forma report.

Many bigger inspection companies will have a staff of inspectors. Make sure you’re in contact with the person who will do your inspection before the inspection.

Pest Inspections

Pest inspections are vital for anyone who lives in a zone where termites are prevalent. These little insects can cause massive damage to your home. They can be behind walls invisibly eating away at your timber. An experienced and thorough inspection is a must.

A good pest inspector will have technology to help them look behind walls. Termites create dampness and heat. A moisture meter and a heat meter will help the inspector peer behind the walls.

That inspector shouldn’t rely on those devices though. His or her years of experience will have taught them where to look for pests and what to look for. For instance, a good pest inspector will crawl through the attic or sub-floor (if you have one) and look for small trails of mud. These mud trails indicate the presence of termites.

With termite damage often not covered by insurance, and usually amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, it is vital to get a good pest inspection done before committing to buying.

Combined building and pest inspection

For your own ease you’ll probably find a company that does a combined building and pest inspection. Our advice is to make sure that you get an expert building inspector and an expert pest inspector. They may both work for the same company. That’s fine. Just make sure you have one of each. It’s unlikely that any single person will have the knowledge and expertise required to do both satisfactorily.

Remembering what is at stake, an investment worth hundreds of thousands, and possible repair bills in the tens of thousands, it is wise to take this simple step to ensure you get the best advice.

That’s one of the reasons we often recommend building and pest inspections by people like Richard from Gold Coast Pest Inspector. He is a dedicated pest inspector who works with Mark, a dedicated building inspector. Both have worked for decades in their respective fields. Both are great communicators. And both have a thorough approach to their work that sees them crawling through cramped space, testing everything that looks suspicious and general leaving no stone unturned. They have both done inspections on properties recently inspected (by someone else) and found clear signs or issues that needed reporting. They prove that not all inspections are equal. When it comes to getting your own inspections done, find a team like this in your area.