A touch of style in the bathroom decoration

A contemporary bathroom can have this share of personality, which makes it a space that is identified with the rest of the house. By applying thoughts, you can add a touch of style to the decor of the bathroom.

The space of the house intended for toilet, sometimes it is cold and soulless stay, bare room, situation that could be reversed with only incorporate different details that renew its aesthetic details.

bathroom decoration

  • Decorative accessories are often the element that brings color, life and new style to the decoration of bathrooms.
  • Thus, for example, as shown in the photos, a classically inspired bathroom with a palette of colors that combines white and pink, this color which brings warmth and together with the use of vintage parts allow to create a decoration with a romantic touch in the bathroom.

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The delicate pink, applied to textiles, such as curtains or rugs, or on the carpet, walls wallpaper, is a perfect alternative to compose a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

bathroom decoration

  • If instead, it seeks to provide vintage style to the bathroom, simply integrate some antique furniture, which could be a recovered piece, such as a small stool or reupholster style chair.
  • Also the use of antique decorative accessories, restored or recovered, serve to give an aesthetic with a vintage, classic and elegant touch to a current bathroom.

Betting elements like a spider or antique chandelier or a mirror design framed, it is possible to renew the look of any bathroom.

  • The tubs are pieces of great visual weight in the bathroom, plus a variety of models, including some that include original finishes and attractive colors, these are another option to highlight the bathroom decor.
  • Finally, highlight the architecture of space that occupies the bath, that is another way of turning it into an environment with a touch of style.