3 Winter Home Decor Ideas

Like fashion, interior design changes every season and with winter approaching it’s time to start dressing your dwelling accordingly. So before it becomes too cold, here are three home decor tips you can use to ensure your home is a cosy, ambient winter wonderland.

Feature Furniture
As the weather outside becomes increasingly cooler, you’re bound to start spending more time indoors snuggled up on your sofa and whilst flimsy chairs and garden tables are all well and good in the summer, it’s time to start investing in fall furniture.

winter home decor
dining table by uberculture

Big burgundy armchairs and grey or midnight blue sofas covered in blankets are an absolute must-have in the winter, especially when centred around a coffee table in front of the fire. As for your dining room, you’re going to want to layer your dining chairs in their very own covers around a sturdy table that will bear the upcoming festive foods. It doesn’t have to be a big medieval banquet hall table though, particularly since multi-purpose dining tables are currently in trend as more of us opt for versatility over clutter.

Atmospheric Accents
Accents are the little extra details you add to your rooms after you’ve finished decorating, sort of like accessories. If you happen to own a home without a hearth, or you would like to create a glowing effect in rooms without fires, then seasonal candles are great accents. Not only do they create a romantic, warm mood simply by being lit, you can also add cinnamon sticks, pine needles and other classic winter scents to your arrangement to create an even cosier ambiance.

winter home decor
Candle by letavua

Go further by replacing accessories you already own such as lampshades and tablecloths with winter-themed pieces or by creating your own centre pieces made up of natural elements such as twigs, pine cones and fallen leaves. If you’re interested in partaking in a little DIY, there are plenty of ways you can personalise home accents.

Winter Fabrics
The easiest way to transform your home into a snug sanctuary is to fill it with soft, weighty fabrics such as woolly throws, flannel bedsheets and soft rugs. After all, when you get home the first thing you’ll probably want to do during the winter months is warm up. Start off by putting your thickest, cuddliest bedding on (here’s a quick how-to on bed making) and cover your sofas with enough blankets for everyone in your home.

winter home-decor
Europa House living room by Living Rooms London

There’s nothing worse than leaving the safety of your nice, warm bed or couch only to have your feet numbed by cold flooring, so your next step is to cover laminate, tiled or wood flooring with area rugs. When choosing a rug, make sure you choose a colour that will tie your room together. Reds, plums and blues never fall out of winter fashion, however a light grey or cream rug may go better with your decor.

Finally, to complete your cocoon you may want to consider dressing your windows. Much like the feeling of cold floors, a draft can completely ruin your home’s sheltered atmosphere. To combat this, you may want to consider placing chunky curtains and bulky blinds on your frames to keep that winter chill out. Plus, when the holidays arrive you can also spray some snow onto the panes or add some baubles to your curtain rod.

Whether you want to create a family farmhouse aesthetic or a scandi vibe, it appears that this winter’s decor trends are particularly flexible. You can pick and mix ideas to create an eclectic, original style that is exclusive to your home. Combine a glass table with rustic wooden chairs, heavy drapes with lightly woven rugs, add different textures and layers to your rooms and you’ll soon find yourself at home.