Washing Machine Fault Diagnosis – A Few Common Problems Identified

Anyone with a washing machine will have experienced a problem at some point in time. Like all household appliances, washing machines are not immune to problems; in fact, they tend to be one of the most problem-ridden machines most of us use on a regular basis.

leak in washing machine

But most of us are capable of working out what’s wrong with our washing machines. We may not always be able to resolve problems ourselves, but generally speaking, finding the fault in question isn’t tough going by any means. You just have to be patient – don’t kick the washing machine; it tends to make things worse – and exercise caution at all times. Don’t forget you’re dealing with an electrical appliance.

The washing machine doesn’t switch on – No Power

If your washing machine is without power, the first things to check are:

  • The power switch and the plug
  • The circuit breaker and the fuse box
  • The lid to make sure it’s shut properly.

The lid switch probe is one of those washing machine parts that most of us aren’t aware of. This is located under the lid of the washing machine and can become dislodged. When it does, it sends a signal to the motor telling it that the lid isn’t shut properly. Have a quick feel under the lid, you may be able to find it and push it back into place.

The washing machine leaks water – But from where?

Washing machine leaks are a fact of life, but more often than not, they’re very easy to identify and have repaired. In fact, many leak related problems you can take care of yourself because all that you will need to do is buy a replacement part like a hose.

  • Make sure the drain and fill hoses are properly fitted and tightened
  • In older washing machines, new rubber washers may be needed
  • In front loaders, a soap or dirt build-up can occur around the door seal.

If you can’t identify the source of the problem, give your local washing machine expert a call. Should you require assistance from a professional, make sure they provide no obligation quotes and that all work and parts are covered by a guarantee.

The washing machine keeps stopping – It won’t finish the cycle

The most common cause of a washing machine not completing the cycle – you can tell by the emergency light or symbol – is that the clothes have got caught up and tangled in each other.

This forms a ‘lump’ in the washing which can bang against the sides of the machine and pushes it off balance. To counter this, the washing machine will usually stop without completing the cycle. Take the clothes out, give them a shake and try again. You might find it helpful to reduce the size of the load if it’s nearly full.

Washing machine diagnosis doesn’t require you to be a tech savvy individual, just use your common sense and if you can’t resolve the problem, call an expert.