Tips for moving house

Moving house can be a real torment, especially if you lack some moving tips. A little planning and anticipation is the key to success. First of all you must get cardboard boxes, and this is pretty much all you need to make the move goes smoothly.

moving house

How to organize moving home
3 months prior
If you rent an apartment and want to move, the first thing you should do is to terminate the lease. Good to know that this effort must be made at least one month before so notifying the owner, as provided by law.

If you want to hire a company specializes in relocation, it is time to establish the budget based on the amount of things you want to move. They can present various formulas: from the most expensive, which consists of hiring an individual to do that with their own means.

There is also an intermediate formula, you’re the one in charge of dismantling the furniture and packing objects for moving, so that the carrier would only deal with loading the boxes and take them to the new house.

2 months ago
You can start by separating what you take, what you want to give, or what you want to throw. The cartons can be picked from supermarkets, for example. Then you can start to pack that of which you will not need before you start moving, indicating a marker using the contents of each box and where to go next.

1 month ago
A month before the move, it’s time to contact the phone and internet company that you have hired. Simply request a change or transfer of residence for a few days you can use the same phone number in the new home, and give you internet access.

During this month, thinks consume foods that you have stored in the freezer to prevent loss or spoilage during transport.

The renting vans for removals should also be provided with some time, so that the day of the transfer does not run aground. Fifteen days before, you must perform the contract of light, water, and gas, so when you get to your new home, all these services are running. Normally, this can be done by phone or online. You should also notify the bank change of address, to make the change of direction.

In addition to following these tips, you should also make the things necessary for a new home, so that you can settle in your new home comfortably and avoid having to run out to find some basic product.