Tips for cleaning hardwood floors

When you first see a wooden floor in a room you can see its entire splendor and how it contributes majesty and elegance. But for all these positive characteristics are maintained in the wooden floor should be aware that need a preventive and intelligent maintenance and prevent wood damage more than the account only for not having care correctly.

cleaning hardwood floors

Above all, you should pay special attention to the wooden floors in times of snow, rain or even when you go home and have their shoes full of soil (the best solution will certainly be off shoes at the entrance of the house if it will have filled with stones or substances that may scratch the floor).

Basic ideas to protect flooring are the use of protectors under furniture to prevent scratching the floor when we move them. Another idea is to use carpets in areas where passes often or where children can move from time to time or that simply is a space capable of being scratched.

For surface cleaning

When you have to clean the floor it will be necessary to collect dust with a mop and so remove dirt and hair of animals because it can also scratch the floor. Cleaning your wood floor should be weekly or biweekly. Use an electric toothbrush or vacuum will always be good ideas. There are also a few disposable electrostatic cloths that you can find in any supermarket and will help you to save time and get the floor ready quickly.

For a more thorough cleaning

With the day to day the wooden floors can be free of dirt and accumulated oil that will not be deleted completely cleaning once per week. It should be an occasional deep cleaning (for example once every six months) where you can use a specific cleaning product of wood diluted in water, must follow the label directions for each product may have a different use depending on the type of wood that you have at home.

What is important is that it is not the mop too wet of water so that it is not stuck in the ground. You must rinse with a damp and clean water cloth, but only if the product in question requires it. It is also very important to always remove excess liquid because stagnant water can damage wood surfaces.


Remove marks from wood flooring may seem like mission impossible, but you should consider what type of stain is there. If the stain is on the surface is likely to have a floor of hard finish, on the other hand if it has penetrated through the wood, the floor may have a greased smooth finish (which is common in older homes with restored floors).

It is necessary to clean the surface stains on a hard floor with a soft and clean cloth, never use sandpaper, steel or any harsh chemicals to the surface because it can cause permanent damage to the finish. If the stain has penetrated you must polish the wood until it matches the rest of the floor.

You must clean the dark spots on the floor with floor wax. If the stain is too dark you can apply bleach or vinegar and let it soak into the wood for an hour, then rinse with a damp cloth with clear water.