Tips for cleaning floors

In addition to the decoration, the furniture, the curtains, the color of the walls and other elements that make up our home, there is another thing which we must bear in mind to feel completely comfortable in our home, and it is the floor cleaning, something that although we do well, because everyone know how to catch and drain a mop to pass on the floor of the different areas and rooms in our house, sometimes we do not as correctly as we think.

cleaning floors

And the fact is that to realize a proper cleaning of the various rooms floors of our house, the first thing we have to consider is the type of floor that we are facing and every part of our home floors can have different materials and each will require a specific form of cleansing, with special products for each as well as using different techniques.

One of the most common types of floors are usually the vinyl type, which in addition are also one of the floors easier to clean because it does not need any technical or special product. It will be enough to sweep it often and to wash it occasionally with hot water and detergent special for general type floors.

Another of the most common types of flooring is parquet or laminate floors, which unlike the previous floor type; in this case it will need a series of special care. And is that although it is true that provides great warmth and elegance to the home, at the time of cleaning we must bear in mind that we must do it with a mop not to scratch the wood with the dust and as well as use special products that do not soak up too much wood to avoid damaging it. In spite of this, it is also necessary to place glasses of water on a regular basis to keep it as like as the first day.