How to survive a move

It is clear: if something can cause stress in a couple can be the coexistence in some moments, but much more if it has to do with a change when moving from home. Perform one move can fill us with hope: a new home, more space, an area in which we love to live, a new place to start from scratch… and too many things to organize. If you want to survive as a couple, family or just individually, anything that involves preparing a move, remember these tips which we give there:

survive a move

First of all, tranquility and organization. Write down everything you need to carry, both you and the other inhabitants of the house. It is important to be fully prepared for all that nothing is left on the road and not lose anything that we want to keep, and for which there are no confrontations.

Moreover, try to be as relaxed as possible; although there may be situations of tension, it is the most important. As much as we put nervous that someone in the family, or our own partner, it is always forgetting or being too slow with their activities, we must remain calm and not lose his composure.

Once we have organized all the aspects relating to the products or materials that we should take to our new home, we must also be forward-looking and knowing how to measure time. What we should carry in cars, vans or external aid that we will use, how many hours we spend to carry and bring things that are necessary for us, who is responsible for each room … So, when you have everything absolutely defined, it will be much easier. We can also hire moving company who solve our all headache.

Label and put a name to all, keep it as best as you can, because it will be so much easier to place it later. And you will survive without any problem!