Tips for choosing a good combination of colors in the living room

The color is part of our lives; our world without color would be no world. The color is part of us and thanks to the view we can enjoy each and every one of the colors that our world offers us. But at home, the colors also have a great role because the colors you choose will directly affect your status of mind and your entire family.

colors in the living room

That’s why when you think about decorating your home and think about your living room or in your lounge, you should think hard about what kind of colors you want to have since there will be the colors that you will see every day. The living room or the lounge is a stay of the household where you spend more time so the color you choose will be even more special. But do you know how to choose the right color without making a mistake?

Think about your tastes
The first thing you have to realize is that the lounge or living room is the place in your home where more time you spend alone/or accompanied, and that the color you choose should be of your liking. Find a color that is pleasing your eyes and make you feel good, but also will need to have in mind that should be colors that complement each other and create a cozy, warm and comfortable.

A little color in your life can reflect your personality and elevate your mood if you choose the right color. You should think of different color schemes to choose whichever is more successful for you. Although neutral colors are the most desirable you can also think about how to add a little color to your living room and that in this way has a little bit of vibrant energy between such calm.

The colors for your living room
The colors you choose will reflect your personality. The colors seen in nature as the blue sky, green leaf … have a great calming effect among us. Instead, if you choose a red you should know that stimulating and yellow are warm and welcoming. The key when choosing colors for the walls and furniture is to use shades of the same color together. For example, you can use a soft apple green sofa and small emerald green color tables.

The textures also have prominence
Mix textures also a good idea to give prominence to your colors. For example, you can combine matte paint on the walls and then have a lamp or some textiles in the room with an elegant brightness that shows your elegance. You can solve the color scheme in all areas of your living room thinking about what colors you like are and what textures would go better.

If you want to get a more dramatic effect in your living room you can paint the walls in dark blue and choose furniture in pastel pink color, white curtains and some decorative accessories in neutral colors. Or maybe you prefer a bluish green wall for some furniture with coral tones and rugs and accessories with the color that you like to fit.

The pastel shades can work equally well to give an elegant touch and personality to your living room. The pastel blue, pink or lilac are the most popular. You can add interest with textures and interesting patterns such as stripes or floral accessories.

As you can see there are many ideas that you can take into account to be able to decorate a living room taking into account the colors to choose the ones that are actually more successful for you and your home.