Things that are better not keep in the garage

The garage is for many, an essential area for any home. The garage not only serves to save the car in a closed place and a refugee from the external agents, but it also serves to keep things and items to have on hand and to have these elements whenever it is necessary. But there are some elements that are better that don’t keep in the garage.

keep everything in the garage

If you do not know what I am talking about and you are one of those people who keep everything in the garage, the time has come for you to begin assessing what is better than you have in the garage and what things are better than to find them somewhere else.

It is difficult to regulate climate and temperature in the garage as you do in other parts of your home. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can ruin the paint unopened cans and which are also open – even though they are well sealed. If you have paint cans at home, the best thing to do is find them a cool place that is away from extreme temperatures, both heating and cooling. If you open paint cans, then best to store them with a tight seal around the lid.

Season clothes
You may have a lot of clothes you do not want to undo and that is to occupy too much space in your closet. The fleece jackets, boots, raincoats, scarves… any clothes that don’t get during the year it is better that don’t keep it in the garage because it can be spoil. The ideal is to have two cabinets in your home, one for season clothes and another for which you wear every day.

If you store clothes in the garage fumes and dust will be attracted towards both cardboard and plastic boxes or other materials and make clothes smell bad and deteriorating. The garage is not a good place to store clothes, trust me and put it in a closet.

Unless your garage is not exposed to high temperatures, it is well ventilated, free from pests and protected from moisture, then, you’d better store your books elsewhere. This also goes for magazines, photo albums and other paper items. The changes of moisture will cause the paper fibers to swell and contract, which will make the pages curl and twist.

Books are much more susceptible to pests as the minnows of silvers, spiders and rodents. It is better to store upright in a library inside your home. If you have no choice but to keep books or other items in the garage, forget the cartons, it is better to use containers or waterproof plastic boxes that will seal your items inside and can last longer.

Wooden Furniture
Clean wood furniture when they are kept in the garage is not enough to keep them in good condition while they are stored in the garage. The wooden furniture’s are more fragile than they seem and are highly susceptible to changes in humidity. As it happens with products in paper, the wood fibers swell and contract depending on the moisture in the air. Eventually, this will lead to cracks that are difficult or impossible to repair.