The perfect dining room: Basic decorative pieces

Just a few pieces, but well selected, to get the perfect dining room. Here we know very well what these pieces are and we want to share it with you.

The right dining table, comfortable and stylish chairs, the right lighting … these are the basic pieces that should not be missing in a dining room that want to fancy.

perfect dining room

The dining table
The table is the great hostess of our dining room. Around this furniture rotates all the decoration, as well as the layout of the elements. Therefore, we must choose it with great care.

In addition to style, we must take into account functionality. If we want to take advantage of the last available meter of our small dining room, it is best to choose an extendable table. Highly recommended especially if we usually receive guests at home.

Another tip to take advantage of space is to opt for a round dining table. The rounded shapes soften the decoration and, having a single central point as a support, the room is less overloaded, since we have more free space in the passage areas.

The chairs
Chairs are another must-have element in our dining room. In addition to being comfortable, the seats must protect the lumbar area, the chairs have to have a style in harmony with the rest of the room (classic, modern, nordic, industrial …). However, we can also opt for an eclectic look by combining different types of chairs. Another interesting option is to choose the same model of chair but in different colors to break with the monotony of the decoration and bring dynamism to the environment.

Lighting is essential in the dining area. In addition to aesthetics and functionality, light helps us to delimit environments, especially useful if our dining room is open to the living room or to the kitchen.

Now, when choosing the ceiling lamp we must take into account the characteristics of the dining table. If the table is rectangular, we will need a row of two or three lights distributed along this piece of furniture to avoid shadows. It all depends on the size of the dining table. But if on the contrary the table is round, then it is recommended to place a single ceiling lamp in the center at a height of 75 centimeters away from the table. In this way, we avoid shadows and reflections that annoy the diners.

We can also count on a support light or even aesthetics, for example to highlight a table, spotlights in some shelf of the cabinet or a floor or table lamp that can be placed next to the sideboard.

The display cabinet or sideboard
A display cabinet or a sideboard is an absolutely essential piece in the dining room. If we choose a showcase, we can place our best dishes or the glasses to decorate, as an exhibition.

But if you do not have much space in the dining room, the ideal is to have a sideboard. It occupies less space but it is incredibly practical. In it we can store crockery, tablecloth, tea or coffee set, cutlery, glasses…

The great advantage of having one of these two furniture in the dining room are that this saved us many trips to the kitchen. And, in addition, we gain space in the kitchen that will be the most useful for storing food, utensils, etc.