The lilac as a color star in the decoration

When decorating our home we can do it by following different styles and decorating trends so that we get a perfect and comfortable atmosphere in our home. To do this, one of the key things is the color of the walls as much of our furniture, because as many of us know the color of the decor of our home directly affects our character and the way we feel.

lilac color

One of the colors that are decorating trend this season is the lilac color, which we can combine in different shades of the same color as well as different shades of other colors such as pink using its softest colors.

In the case of lilac color, it is a color indicated in order to be able to decorate almost any of the rooms of our house. It is widely used to decorate rooms and bedrooms of different ages as it is an ideal color for a baby’s room, for that of a teenager or for our own, and even it’s a unisex color that can be combined when it comes to decorate the rooms of our children if they are boy or a girl.

For example, using the combination of white and purple we might be able to get that bedroom or any other rooms of our home that we use this blend, seems much broader, giving turn an air of warmth and romance at the same time.

To create this greater depth and greater sense of size, also you can try to put one of the walls with a rather deep lilac color while others will use a lilac in softer tones. In the case concerned the room for our daughter, we can combine lilac with pink colors in soft tones, using for the furniture the same tones as well as white.