Solid Roofing System 101: Roof Painters, Contractors, and Services

Industrialization comes with the construction of many commercial and residential properties. With that is a major increase in the demand for architects, engineers, and contractors. Different types of infrastructure have different needs. For one, commercial spaces are much more difficult to build than a residential estate. With its industrial nature, commercial spaces need complex wiring and piping, huge tanks, and concrete warehousing.

Solid Roofing System

Albeit their differences, both spaces have one common denominator — they both rely on roofing contractors for any kind of roofing construction. To answer your hidden question, yes, large buildings have roofs. They are either low slope or flats that can accommodate efficiency and practicality.

Do not let a roofing contractor’s low-key line of work fool you. The roofing business may not be the most celebrated industry in the construction sector, but their marked increase in profitability is a cause for celebration (read more). Since 2018, their sales are in continuous growth, outperforming several of the construction industry’s big leagues. How can that not be when every year, a third of the population is either getting a new roof or repainting an old one.

Contrary to popular belief, the roof is as important as the house’s foundation or soil structure. That is why an average homeowner spends almost 7000 euros in its installation, renovation, or replacement. Here are some of the reasons why your home’s crown is worth every penny.

1. Protection

Whichever part of the world you may live, roofs are the first line of protection of any home. It bears the brunt of any harsh climate such as hailstorms, heavy winds, storm surges, and intense summer heat. It should also keep water from seeping in and large debris from falling. A once “harmless” moisture may lead to the formation of mold and mildew. This can cause minor leak issues that can escalate into a full-scale water problem.

As your house’s top covering, its purpose is to cover and shelter you from any harm. To damage the roof means potential damage to the whole house, as it is now vulnerable to any kind of danger.

2. Energy and cost-efficient

When it comes to energy efficiency, good HVAC systems are usually at the top of the list of amateur contractors. But in reality, quality roofing is all it takes to save energy and money from your electric bills. According to this study: there are three factors to consider in assessing a roof’s energy efficiency.

  • Reflectivity – is its surface’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it.
  • Emissivity – is its ability to release most of the heat energy it absorbed.
  • Thermal conductance – is the ability of the roofing material to transfer the heat it absorbed.

Roofs are always baking under the sun’s heat. A good roofing is capable of absorbing solar radiation without transferring the heat into your home. Conversely, during cool nights, it should be capable of transferring heat from inside your house, into the outdoor environment. Both mechanisms save you from using your HVAC for long periods—saving money and energy in the process.

Another energy-saving technique is the installation of solar roofing. It might cost you a lot more than the conventional roofing materials, but you will get the money back once your household runs with solar-powered electricity. It is a worthy investment and a huge help to mother earth as well.

3. Home value

Imagining a house without a roof is like a person without hair — it’s a nightmare. Roofs are not only functionally necessary but also aesthetically. Its quality and appearance add to its curb appeal — a factor that can prove useful in future estate plans. According to home advisors, new or renovated ones add an average of 11,000 euros to a home’s value.

home value

With many home and roofing trends in the market, building a sturdy and high-quality roof can be difficult. To ensure its integrity, here are ideal tips to consider before diving into your much-awaited home renovation.

Skilled professionals

New roof installations require the able hands of an expert roofing contractor. But for small renovations, replacement and repairs, the internet may tell you otherwise. Do not let Google fool you. Any kind of roofing service calls for the expertise of these professionals.

Roofing contractors are diverse groups of professionals that offer different kinds of roof-related services. Some offer airless painting, some do alterations, and many times, companies can do both. Such is the roof painting contractor in Cape Town, which also offers various related services.

Choose the finest quality materials

The use of top-grade material is given if you employ the services of a trusted contractor. When it comes to roofs, you should never compromise its price if you want it to last a lifetime.

Quality materials allow the roof to withstand brutal forces and harsh elements. It guarantees integrity thus, ensuring your whole property’s stability and strength. Excellent material is equal to its longevity — with a maximum lifespan of more than 30 years. So you see, cheap materials are not really a “score” if it needs replacement every seven years.

Proper maintenance

It may be the sturdiest part of a household, but it is also the most vulnerable one from external factors. After spending quite a lot of money, homeowners are tricked into thinking expensive roofs do not need regular checking and maintenance. They deemed it a waste of time, money, and effort.

Like any other structure ever built, roofs cannot survive long years without proper care and maintenance. You can schedule annual inspections with your contractor or skilled personnel of choice. For hands-on homeowners, you can also perform basic DIY care and maintenance. First, make sure that there is a built-in walkway or sturdy path reserved for foot traffic purposes.

Remove small debris, leaves, and branches from the roof’s surface. This is to avoid blockage and other problems during the winter and rainy season. Also, a visual inspection for potential leakage and minor repairs is a must. Take note of the specific areas where there are cracks, worn spots, and peeling. You can take this concern to a professional to ensure a quality repair.